Figuring out why your dog barks excessively can be one of the most frustrating things about being a dog owner. It’s true certain breeds naturally bark more than others, but it doesn’t make it easier on you when they bark all the time.

Many times, calming a barking dog simply comes down to giving them more attention and exercise. You could also allow them to interact with other dogs or play with them in the park to burn some energy. But sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to do all of this, so that’s when a dog walker enters the picture.

Dog Walking Helps Burn Excess Energy

One of the reasons why a dog barks excessively is because they have a lot of built up energy. If you’re away from your dog all day while you’re at work, they are likely bored and lonely. There are some great Chicago suburb dog walkers that can come by and take your dog for a midday stroll to help get some of their energy out.

You don’t even have to be at the house, but your dog will be extremely happy interacting with their dog walker, romping around outside getting exercise. Plus, you will be happier at the end of the day when they have burned off enough energy where they don’t have to bark at every little thing!

A Dog Walker Can Work With Your Dog

When you do decide to use a dog walking service, you can make a special request to the walker to assist you in this training. Many dog walking companies in the Chicago area have their own training methods for pets. If you’ve been using words like “quiet” at home, tell your dog walker so they can continue with this training or they may have some strategies of their own that can assist you while the dog is at home with you. There are different methods of calming dogs of different breeds, so together, you should be able to work out a plan to keep your pet from being so noisy all the time.

Dogs Lose Interest in Barking When They Are Stimulated in Other Ways

Chicago suburb dog walkers understand animals and will keep your pet stimulated in order to tame excessive barking when they are on their daily walk. When your pet is home with you in the evening, you might try a new toy, teaching you pet new tricks, or simply having a schedule of play time after dinner so they can wind down for the night. Even a little snuggle time will help your pet keep their mind off barking.

Canine Care is one of the best dog walking services in the Chicago area for many reasons. Busy pet owners need some assistance occasionally. If you live in Chicago and are in need of a dog walker, do an internet search for dog walkers in your area and you are bound to find exactly what you need.


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