Your dog is part of the family. It loves to play with you, especially when you arrive home from work or school. However, there are many hours when your pup is simply alone during the day. They need stimulation to remain happy and well behaved. A dog walking service is a simple solution during the busy workweek. Get familiar with what’s included in an appointment that involves dog walking in Chicago suburbs.

Arriving at the Property

Dog walkers come to your property to pick up the pup on a regular schedule. Your pet can be located outside in the yard or within the home. Every effort is made to acquaint your dog with a primary walker. The walkers enter the property based on the owner’s desires for their dog. In many cases, the walker remains at the property for several minutes so that the dog can get accustomed to him or her being in the immediate area. You’ll always know when the walker arrives because of instant communication through GPS information, texts, and other means.

Summing Up the Situation

Your pet is a unique animal so the dog walking service treats each client with customized visits. For instance, a puppy needs more help with potty training compared to your senior pup getting up from a long nap. Dog walking in Chicago suburbs includes feeding and watering the pet as necessary. Refilling water containers and fixing up the pet’s bed linens is typical during an appointment. The service is more than just a quick walk. It’s a caring part of the day that brightens the pet’s life. Walkers always welcome suggestions from pet owners to make the visits even better, such as pulling out a favorite toy.

Hitting the Road

Once your pet is ready, the walker puts on the leash and takes off on an exciting walk. Your pup probably has particular quirks when it comes to walking, such as enjoying the sidewalk’s scents or bounding across a grassy knoll. The walker takes these desires into consideration as the adventure continues.

Depending on your dog’s demeanor, there are typically several pups being walked at the same time. Don’t be concerned about aggression between the animals or losing the walker’s attention. These walkers are trained to handle multiple dogs while treating each one as if it’s the only one being walked.

Documenting the Visit

Because of electronic communications, you know when the pup arrives back at home. You set up the visit lengths when you order the service so the walkers strictly adhere to these requests. The walker may also leave a note at the home regarding any concerns or achievements observed during the experience. In essence, the walkers try to make the experience as personalized as possible. These professionals love animals so they convey that dedication through notes, texts, and phone calls.

Securing Your Pet After Dog Walking in Chicago Suburbs

You’re trusting the walkers with your pet and access to the property. This trust is important for everyone involved. The walkers verify that your pup is secured within the property before they leave. You might leave instructions for the walker on the first visit, such as locking the side door or closing an outdoor gate. Be as specific as you desire because it’s the walker’s pleasure to take care of your furry friend.

Contacting Canine Care is your first step toward a better life for your pup while you are not at home. Allow your pet to stretch its legs and gain new skills with a dog walking service in areas like Glenview, Kenilworth, Wilmette or Winnetka at least once a week. Dog walking in Chicago suburbs is affordable and stimulating for everyone involved.


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