Any time you take your dog out for a walk, an emergency could come up at any time unexpectedly. In those situations, you need to have an emergency kit prepared. This is especially true if you hire a dog walker who may be completely familiar with every aspect of your pet.

In most cases, the emergency kit will have similar items as any other emergency kit. However, only you know your dog well enough to know what comforts them if they are injured or scared. Your dog walker will do everything they can to comfort your pooch, but preparing these items in an emergency kit will help everyone involved have a better experience.

Emergency Phone Numbers and Medical Paperwork

The hope is that your dog walker will never have to use an emergency phone number or have to look at the medical paperwork, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Emergencies happen at the most unexpected times, and sometimes they are too severe to wait for you to get home from work to tend to them. Having these documents easily accessible for your Canine Care professional will ensure your pup will be tended to immediately if needed.

Gauze, Tape, Scissors, Rubber Gloves

Depending on how adventurous your pet is, these may be essential items you use frequently. Walking on rocky terrain can make your dog more prone to gashes or wounds, and covering up those wounds properly will help the healing process and prevent infections from happening.

Pack A Familiar Blanket For Your Dog Walker

Dogs are comforted more by items familiar to them than anything else. If an emergency happens with your Canine Care professional, having a blanket with a familiar smell to them will help comfort them when they may be anxious. Not only will this help relax your dog, but it will also help your dog walker tend to any injuries with less hassle.

Water, Food, and Treats

These are obvious items, but they are often forgotten in emergency kits. If nothing else, food and treats may be used to help calm your pooch down when they are excited about going on their walk. And of course, it’s always important to pack a spare
bottle of water anywhere you go with your pup.

At Canine Care, we have much more dog walking tips for you and your dog to ensure your pet’s needs are always tended to. We offer a unique dog walking service in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, so contact us today to see how we may be of service to you and your pet.


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