Think about your dog’s daily life. They are probably thrilled to take a walk with you in the morning, but the remainder of the day is quite boring. If you have a really busy schedule, there’s no need to alter it because Canine Care can provide dog walking in many neighborhoods in the Chicago area. Get to know the benefits of a dog walking service so that the both of you can enjoy each day to the fullest.

Saving Your House

Regardless of where your dog stays at your home all day, they’ll get bored very quickly. Eight or ten hours of no stimulation encourages your dog to get creative. Chewing on couch corners, digging up the yard and countless other activities take over their day. When you hire a dog walking service, you’re interrupting this long stretch of time. Because your pet is happily stimulated during a walk or other fun interaction, they won’t feel the need to take frustrations out on your property. They may simply just need some rest or a nap after all the walking fun.

Maintaining the Pet’s Health

Dog walkers will take your pet on a walk of your determined length. During this exercise, the dog might jog, run or leap. This activity improves the pet’s health. If not for the walkers, your pet might sit idle all day long. Cardiovascular health is just as important to dogs as it is to humans. Daily walks with some moderate to intense movements are ideal for most dogs. If you have a senior dog, these special pets might have a customized walk for their fitness level. Every dog’s life can be lengthened with some great workouts.

Working on Behaviors

Some dogs have behavioral issues that require addressing, but your workweek is packed. Dog walkers offer a solution through consistent behavioral work with your pet. Each day, the walkers offer commands and praise as the dog completes good behaviors. Chronic barking, leash pulling, and other unwanted behaviors can quickly be trained out of your dog. These pets simply need repetition to ingrain the behavior into the mind. You continue with this training when you walk the pet yourself. Walkers should share their training techniques with you so that every interaction is identical.

Battling Loneliness With a Dog Walking Service

Dogs aren’t simply looking for fun and excitement. These deep thinkers have emotions that must also be served. Part of misbehaving in an open backyard is merely being lonely. Dogs are social animals so walking them with the professionals is a great way to stem their lonely feelings. Along with interacting with the walker, your dog will also benefit from canine attention. Dogs that can be walked in groups will have interaction with their own species. After several visits, the dogs will recognize each other and possibly look forward to the walks with their furry friends.

Doubling as a House-sitter

Dog walking service professionals pick up your dog from almost any location. You might offer the walker your house key to access the pooch living inside. With a walk that’s often scheduled at midday, your walker doubles as a virtual house-sitter. Because a person is accessing your property when most people are at work, the home appears occupied. Questionable people might avoid your house because a person appears to always there during the day. You’ll feel safe and confident with a walker checking in on your dog each day.

Canine Care charges rates based on the length of the visit for your dog’s particular needs. Ask your dog walker about private visits if your pet needs to be alone for their walk. We treat your pup like family so no matter what type of service you need, we can set a regular schedule to exercise and train your dog. At the end of each day, your pet will be thrilled with life and happy to greet you at the door.

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