Walking your dog is a fundamental part of being a pet owner. The main reason to walk your furry friend is for elimination purposes, but the advantages go far beyond that. Dog walking offers benefits that as a human you may not consider, but dogs do. If you have a busy life and don’t have time to walk your dog, hire a dog walking company to provide this service for you.

GPS Tracking For Peace of Mind

The simplicity of a walk can be complemented by today’s technology. Part of a reputable, dog walking service is accounting for the time. Each walker has a GPS application or app built into their smartphones. In real time, they log the walk’s duration, snap photos and offer other critical details. You have the peace of mind that your pet is being walked at the proper time, along a chosen pathway and stimulated with other animals in a pack atmosphere. Tracking your pet might affect dog walking rates for some companies so verify the service before accessing the online information.

Rain and Your Dog Walking Service

Don’t let Chicago rainy days cancel out your pet’s walking adventure. In fact, many pets enjoy a light rain because it presents puddle opportunities. Allow your dog to be a fun-loving animal by hopping and skipping in and around puddles. Dog walkers cover up in rain gear so that your pets can enjoy the wet weather. After the fun, the professionals dry off your pet and ensure that it’s comfortable before completing the appointment. An exhilarating walk improves your dog’s demeanor so that they don’t feel restless waiting for you at home.

Backing up the Professionals

Dog walkers try to maintain loyalties with their pet clients, but they can get sick or take the day off at times. Rest assured that your pet will always have a walk because most dog walking rates and services include a backup walker. Ideally, both the primary and backup walkers will meet your pet at the beginning of the working relationship. It’s critical your pet be acclimated to both people so that aggression and stress aren’t the reactions If the backup shows up for a visit.

Customized Visits for Every Age

Walking your dog must include consideration of the animal’s health and age. In fact, your dog walking rates depend on the duration and strenuous nature of the activities. Your senior dog may need a longer yet slower walk compared to high-energy puppies. The walkers allow the older dogs to sniff and meander around a bit for those stimulating moments. Young dogs may require more energetic walks and outright runs. Recovering pets, such as after surgery, get special attention until they feel up to a more rigorous walk.

Enjoying Car Rides

One of the unique services offered by walkers is a car-ride experience. Some dogs simply like the wind in their faces as the car moves around town. You’re welcome to pay a specific fee to include this service. The dog might be taken to a park across town or the groomer’s facility. You ultimately make the decision about the activity type that’s included with the car ride. Skittish animals may find the experience relaxing.

Working with a reputable dog walking service, such as the experts at Canine Care, is critical to your pet’s health. Discuss your pet’s needs with the dog walker so that each visit is filled with quality activities. Give your dog an exciting life with professional help that only improves the entire household’s health.

For more information about our unique dog walking service in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs, including specific locations we service and our rates, please visit https://www.caninecare.com/

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