4 Myths Foundation Contractors Want Every Homeowner to Know

For a lot of homeowners, even those who have owned their homes for many years, foundations can be a bit of a mystery. Is that crack serious? What if there is chipping paint? Fortunately, that’s why there are foundation contractors in San Antonio who can help decipher anything that is not understood. Foundation problems are not as common as other issues, such as leaky pipes or damaged roofs. That’s why homeowners aren’t as knowledgeable on average about foundations and even foundation repair costs as those other issues. To help clear up any confusion or misinformation, here are the top myths about foundation repair that foundation contractors would like you to know.

Myth #1: You Can Fix Your Foundation Without Professional Help

There are a lot of DIYers in the world who can fix just about anything just as well as any professional. However, when it comes to foundations, that is not a good idea, no matter how good a handyman you think you might be. The size of the job and the equipment needed make it virtually impossible for a layman to do most foundation repairs. However, what a homeowner can do is keep an eye on the foundation to catch any potential issues early. After spotting any warning signs, call a professional right away for help.

Myth #2: Foundations Do Not Require Maintenance

Many homeowners think that the foundation, as strong as it is, does not need regular maintenance. This is not true. If you do not provide your foundation with maintenance and inspections regularly, then you may be setting yourself up for huge foundation repair costs. You can water your foundation if it has been too dry, for instance. You can also research foliage that is friendly to foundations and plant some. Emptying any drains or gutters is also an important step to keeping your foundation as safe from harm as possible.

Myth #3: You Can Patch a Crack to Make the Issue Go Away

When a crack pops up on your wall or in your exterior brickwork, you may think you can just patch it over and forget about it. Sadly, this is only correcting the symptom and not the underlying problem. If you patch and walk away, then that issue will be left to fester. It can eventually grow to be a much more serious problem. This can exponentially increase your foundation repair costs from what they would have been if you had addressed the original problem in the first place. Not all cracks mean that there is an issue with the foundation, but it is always a good idea to have foundation contractors take a look to be sure.

Myth #4: Finding Good Foundation Contractors is Simple

There are some very good foundation experts in San Antonio, but not all companies are created equal. They are not all as thorough and do not pay as much attention to detail as the experts at Arredondo Group do. When looking for a reputable contractor, ask a lot of questions, and do some further research. Check out reviews online, and make sure that all of the foundation professionals on staff are properly bonded and insured. The foundation of your home is the very base upon which everything else rests. You do not want to leave that up to a contractor who is not up to the job. Call Arredondo today for all foundation services you might need.

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