foundation repair, house levelingTexas is a unique part of the country. It has wide-open spaces, which are met with urban cities as rivers and freeways crisscross the land. Millions of people live in this state. The housing boom continues to grow. That fact leads to many homes being built on both good and bad soils. If you’re a new homebuyer in the area, consider these common, foundation repair questions to ask about your San Antonio home.


How Do I Know If I Have A Foundation Problem?

Your property might qualify for house leveling procedures if you notice telltale details. The doors and windows may not close as well as they used to do. Mystery cracks in the walls and ceilings appear almost overnight. If you can see the foundation’s edge from an exterior view, cracks display their shape in these locations too.

There are numerous reasons why foundation repair might be necessary. The original contractor may have overlooked the soil’s compaction needs. Loose soil shifts over time, which leads to foundation issues. Your repair contractor goes over their thoughts about your foundation’s issues with valid solutions to follow.

Which Home Has More Foundation Problems: New or Old?

Many rumors float around the house leveling industry. One debate that continues to rage is over new versus old homes. Many people argue that older homes have a better chance at needing foundation repair compared to new structures. In reality, both new and old homes have the same chances of developing problems.

Texas is known for its clay soils. They tend to shift, however. Clay absorbs and loses water, depending on the weather conditions. You might notice the soil expanding and contracting with its moisture levels. It’s this expansion-and-contraction action that leads to foundation cracks and failures.

Does Drainage Play a Role?

The weather in your area certainly makes a difference to your foundation’s health. With this fact in mind, it makes sense that drainage around your home also plays a role. Ideally, your rooftop’s gutter system should direct water away from the foundation’s edge. If the water remains pooled around the structure, it will absorb deeply into the soil where more expansion occurs.

During the next rainfall, observe your gutter’s operations. Adjust any spouts that are creating puddles instead of funneling the water out to the sidewalk.

Do Foundation Repair Strategies Last a Long Time?

When reputable contractors complete a house leveling project, their work remains warrantied or guaranteed for a certain period. In many cases, the warranty extends to the life of the structure. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, paying for one project over the property’s life should be all that’s necessary of any homeowner.

Maintain your landscape and rooftop gutters so that no erosion creates the perfect conditions for further foundation problems.

Can Preventive Measures be Taken to Avoid Foundation Problems?

Aside from gutter and landscaping details, be aware of any trees planted near your home. Although they provide beauty and shade, their roots contribute to soil inconsistencies. As they pull moisture into their trunks and branches, the soil dries out and damages the foundation.

Transplant trees that are extremely close to the home. Your soil steadies out with adequate, moisture levels while the family still enjoys the trees.

The Arredondo Group is your regional contractor that prides itself on strategic knowledge about the San Antonio area. Contacting them with any questions about foundation repair gives you more knowledge about the subject. This information only protects your property from further damage caused by overlooked features. Keep up with structural repairs so that your property value is always at its peak.

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