Foundation Repair Companies in San AntonioTexas soil has a natural density that can be disrupted when home builders construct a foundation. This can cause structures to settle, which makes foundation repair a necessity. Several other factors also make foundation repair necessary, including poor water drainage. Cracks start to develop throughout the home and doors will not shut. Many homeowners will need to turn to foundation repair companies. Given how expensive this can be, most homeowners want to know the secrets to finding a great foundation repair company.

Is the Company a Member of the Foundation Repair Association?

One of the best ways to determine if a foundation repair company is reputable is to determine if the company is a member of the Foundation Repair Association. This is a national organization that promotes ethical standards in the repair of foundations.

Foundation Repair Companies – Get Multiple Opinions

To make sure that the San Antonia foundation repair companies are reputable, homeowners should ask for repair cost estimates from at least two different companies to determine if the quote of each company is reasonable. The homeowner should also contact an engineer to get an estimate. The homeowner should also have the reputable engineer provide recommendations for what the foundation will need to be fully repaired. Even better, the homeowner should ask the engineer if he or she knows of a reputable foundation repair company.

Insurance and Warranties provided by Foundation Repair Companies

When hiring a foundation repair company, it is crucial that the homeowner ask if the company has insurance and whether the services provided by the company are covered under a warranty program. If the foundation repairs do not work and the homeowner develops more problems, the San Antonio foundation repair company should come and make necessary repairs. This will not only makes sure that the homeowner is not stuck with a damaged foundation, but also ensures that the business tries to perform repairs correctly the first time. If the piers fail, the company should come and repair them.

Obtaining Permits

Foundation repair companies usually need a permit from the city to operate. They should verify that they will obtain the necessary permit from San Antonio. The engineer will either inspect the foundation after the repairs have been made to verify that the repairs were carried out correctly or will inspect the repairs throughout the process.

Pier Manufacturing Expertise

When communicating with San Antonio foundation repair companies, the homeowner must ask the foundation repair company how long they have been manufacturing piers and what the failure rate is of their piers. Most foundation repair companies should not have to fix their piers more than 1 percent of the time.

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