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Foundation Repair Companies San Antonio/House Leveling Texas

Having a level foundation beneath a home is extremely important. Tilting foundations, or foundations that are otherwise not level, can cause flooding, structural collapse, and other serious issues. The changing weather and seasons in San Antonio mean that foundations can sink, shift, or become unstable. Foundation repair companies San Antonio use several techniques to accomplish the task of house leveling in Texas, including preventative measures so homes stay level and potential problems are avoided. 

The Many Different House Leveling Techniques Used By Foundation Repair Companies San Antonio

Concrete Piers

Concrete piers are often used for home foundation repairs. Concrete columns are created in the ground by filling deep holes with steel beams and concrete. The columns are pushed under a foundation to raise or level it. Piers usually reach a depth of 12 to 20 feet.

Concrete Pilings

Pilings are similar to piers, except pilings only reach a depth of about two feet. Foundation repair companies use piers in marshy areas or in soft soil. Pilings are used in areas where such fortification is not necessary. House leveling in Texas may require either of these methods, depending on the location.

Soil Injection

A very common method for house leveling in Texas is soil injection. Foundation repair companies San Antonio often use this technique either alone or after a foundation repair as a preventative measure against sinking and other foundation issues. Essentially, soil injection is the process by which water soluble chemicals are pumped into the foundation soil so that heavy rains can be absorbed by the ground. This water absorption prevents the soil from swelling, thus preventing foundation damage.

Root Barriers

Another common method of foundation leveling is to implant root barriers in the ground. The taller a tree grows, the more widespread its roots are underground. When roots grow too close to a home’s foundation, they can disrupt the leveling and cause serious problems. By blocking root growth and diverting the path of root growth away from a home’s foundation, such damage can be avoided. Root blocks can be created with concrete, steel, soil injection, or other methods, depending on the location and specific property needs.

Other methods are also used by foundation repair companies San Antonio, such as steel pilings and mudjacking or slabjacking, to correct leveling issues. However, preventative measures are the best way to go if a property is not already experiencing leveling problems. Performing soil injection to ensure that coming rains will not cause structural and foundation damage and installing root barriers to deal with trees that may become an issue are both good options for preventing future damage. But even slight leveling issues need to be dealt with in a timely manner so that the changing seasons and harsh weather do not cause them to worsen. This will keep homes in good condition and can prevent costly damage in the future.

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