house leveling, foundation repairThere are very few things that sound worse to a San Antonio homeowner than hearing that they have foundation problems. House leveling is a major repair project. It can be unsettling and nerve-wracking knowing that your home is not on a solid base, and thinking it’s probably going to cost a lot of money to fix it. However, the bright side is that it can be fixed, and it may not even cost you as much as you might fear. Here is a quick guide to house leveling and how it will affect your home.

House Leveling Basics

If you’ve noticed that your house is tilting, or if you’ve seen any of the telltale signs of a foundation problem, then it should be dealt with quickly. Even if you’re worried about the cost, it is best to get foundation repair done sooner rather than later, because waiting may just end up costing you more down the road.

House leveling is needed when the foundation of a home starts to fail, and the piers and beams underneath weaken. This could happen for a variety of reasons. You could have water pooling under your home when it rains, or it could be because of the clay soil in Texas that is known to expand and contract excessively. It could even be that the wrong type of foundation was built for the home. The more a house shifts because of a foundation issue, the more damage is done. That is why it is so crucial to contact a professional immediately if you think you need foundation repair. If any part of the foundation is stressed by weight that is not distributed properly, then the structure of your home will be at risk.

How To Know If You Need Foundation Repair

There are a lot of indications that your foundation might be weakening. The most common might be the appearance of cracks in your walls. They don’t even have to be big cracks to be a sign of problems. You may also notice that your doors or windows stick, or do not close properly. If this is happening on a regular basis, or to more than one door or window at the same time, then it is a big clue. Sometimes it is the floors that give it away. They may be sloped, or they are sagging or bowing. If you notice these symptoms, contact a professional right away to have your foundation inspected.

Common Repair Methods

There are several techniques used in foundation repair, and which one gets used will depend on the type of damage and the type of foundation. One method is known as sistering, which involves reinforcing the girders or joists with fresh lumber. Another is installing completely new steel piers, concrete base, or support blocks. Re-shimming is a technique involving using steel i-beams to reinforce any damaged ones.

After a house leveling project is completed, it is also vital to take care of what caused the problem in the first place. If water was the culprit, then make sure to fix any leaks or drainage issues that might be leading to it. Maybe it was a matter of a poorly constructed foundation? If so, then the professional company will have hopefully taken care of that problem during the foundation repair process.

If you live in San Antonio and think you might need house leveling, contact Arredondo Group for a professional and thorough inspection and repair of your home’s foundation, so you can sleep better at night knowing you are on solid ground.

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