Avoid Foundation Repair by Not Making These Mistakes

One of the things that homeowners in San Antonio worry most about is their home’s foundation. The foundation is the very base of any home, and when it is weakened, you must get foundation repair to shore it up. Otherwise, it can affect the very structural integrity of your home. All too often, the damage is done before you even notice, and repairing foundation might be only the start of your concerns. To avoid having your foundation fail, it’s important not to make certain mistakes that can harm it. Here are some of those errors and how they can cause you big problems.

Inadequate Waterproofing

The biggest culprit when it comes to foundation issues is water. Concrete or cement are the materials that makeup just about all foundations. They are very strong, but they are also porous, meaning that water can collect and sit inside the foundation. That water will, over time, weaken the material. If you don’t waterproof your foundation, you are asking for trouble. The small investment you make to prevent too much water from affecting your foundation will be worth it to avoid potentially thousands of dollars in repair costs from foundation repair. Contact a professional to dig out your foundation and provide waterproofing. That way, you can stop any progression going forward and avoid repairing foundation.

foundation repairInstalling Foundation Improperly

Foundations are made from very strong materials. That said, those materials need to have time to dry when they are first poured. A foundation professional has great knowledge of the time it takes for concrete and cement to properly dry. This time will often depend on the exact mix used for the foundation. If the foundation is not properly dry when the rest of the home is built, then it can cause major problems. The home could sag, or the weight of the building might be too much for the foundation to support.

The foundation should also be poured in the right weather. It should be a dry day with warm temperatures. It doesn’t have to be hot, but it cannot be cold. Foundations should never be poured during the winter. If the weather is humid, then the contractor will need to allow for extra time to dry since there is so much moisture in the air. As a homeowner, make sure to schedule your new foundation installation at the right time of year, although your foundation professional should have this knowledge as well.

Doing Foundation Repair on Your Own

A lot of people do maintenance and repairs around their homes in an effort to save money, and also because they enjoy it. However, when it comes to repairing foundation, it is not something you should attempt to do on your own. First of all, you often need heavy equipment to work on a foundation, and while you might be able to rent that equipment in some places, you may not have the necessary training to use it. If you make a mistake trying to repair your foundation, it could lead to even more damage and higher costs down the road, which would defeat the purpose of trying to save money in the first place.

Make sure that if you suspect that you are in need of foundation repair that you call the professionals at Arredondo. Do not trust your foundation for anyone else.

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