Be cautious with House Foundation Repair Companies

Do’s & Don’ts For House Foundation Repair Companies


When you look around you will find many alternative ideas with regards to house foundation repair methods and house foundation repair products. Buyers beware! You will see television ads with high priced spokesmen suggesting that their approach to foundation repair is the best. You will find articles and websites on the internet telling you why their methods are the best. You may hear radio advertising tell you that XYZ Foundation Repair is the best because they have been around the longest or they are the cheapest. You will be exposed to a lot of advertising, but with some fundamental “inside-information” you can determine if what you are being told is correct.


First, not every house foundation repair companies products are made equally. Not all installers are trained equally. There isn’t one single choice of foundation repair products for all situations. Ensure that what is supporting your largest investment is manufactured using a nationally respected manufacturer that stands behind their products. There are plenty of local house foundation repair companies that actually work out of their garages, building inferior products without qc standards. What they build today may not stand the test of time. There’s also installers which have virtually no training in the art of foundation repair. When dealing with structural components, especially under your home, not all house foundation repair companies which you may choose needs to have undergone extensive training. This training generally originates from the manufacturer that they represent or even a national association or state agency.


The hiring of a foundation engineer may be the single most important piece of advice. This engineer will evaluate your structure and provide you with a written analysis of the structure. Most foundation engineers can recommend a foundation expert that is trained in in multiple forms of foundation repair products. Elements of your home may require helical piles while other areas may require resistance pierswhile yet other areas may need wall anchors or tie-backs.



House Foundation Repair companies House Foundation Repair companies
Hire a foundation engineer
Interview foundation repair installers
Ask informed questions
Ask for references
Require a synchronized lift
Do it yourself
Make your decision based on advertising
Take a strangers word as the truth
Be swayed by price alone


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