Beware of the Upcoming Dry Weather or You’ll Need Foundation Repair

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Foundation repair is something a homeowner never wants to hear about or deal with. However, with the inevitable dry weather in San Antonio, it is something that every homeowner should be aware of. Knowing how to prevent a foundation from being damaged, which could require house leveling, is the first step to ensuring the foundation will be healthy for years to come.

Using Water to Prevent Foundation Repair

The soil a house sits on will expand when it gets wet and will shrink when it gets dry. People obviously can’t control the rain, but if the weather is dry, then ensuring the house is properly watered can be controlled. One way to prevent future foundation repair is to set up soaker hoses around the perimeter of the house. Keeping a soaker hose on will ensure the soil remains moist around the house even during dry weather.

Also, watering the grass frequently will help the foundation because trees and plants pull any moisture they can get from the ground. When there is less moisture, the soil under the house may get so dry that house leveling may be required.

Recognize the Signs

Simple things such as a door not closing properly or cracks in walls are signs the foundation is damaged. Once signs such as these are identified, they should be addressed immediately and a foundation repair professional should be contacted to determine whether house leveling is necessary. The good thing about professionals is they can fix foundation issues properly, provide reasons for the damage, and suggest different ways to prevent the damage in the future.

Options for Foundation Repair

In typical dry climates, like San Antonio, there are two common methods for fixing a foundation that has sunk. Professionals may use the piering method, which includes placing support under the house that will actually lift the concrete. Slabjacking is another common method, which is a mixture that goes under the slab, allowing it to resume back to its correct position. Luckily, the average homeowner doesn’t have to know which method to use. A professional will be able to assess the damage and determine the most effective method to correct the issue.

Foundation repair can be very expensive, so taking proper care and preventative measures is advisable. However, if a home does require house leveling, it’s best to do it because the home is arguably a person’s biggest investment. Take the simple steps to prevent foundation damage and your home will be safe to live in for many years.

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