foundation repair in San Antonio

The Official “Buyers Beware” guide when investigating foundation repair in San Antonio





The Arredondo Group has been repairing foundations for over 20 years in the San Antonio & Austin area.  With all that experience, they want you to be a more informed consumer when it comes to having work done on the biggest investment of most people’s lives, their HOME…

Now, this may not cover every single “Pitfall” to avoid, but it is pretty darn close.  Feel free to print this information out and keep it near by.

With that being said, the licensed engineers at Arredondo Group have come up with a very effective Buyer Beware Guide.

                    BUYER BEWARE IF:

  1. Your contractor hesitates to give you references
  2. Asks for payment be made directly to him/her personally instead of a company
  3. Requests full payment up front
  4. Solicits
  5. Offers a discount if you give him additional clients
  6. Doesn’t offer you an estimate in writing
  7. Isn’t listed anywhere online or the phone book
  8. Only has a cell phone for a primary business number
  9. Needs a commitment “today”


If you run into any other tactics that may seem questionable, feel free to give us a call at 210.645.6811 and ask us our opinion.

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