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Foundation Repair in Texas

Foundation problems are common in most areas of Texas, but especially in South Texas due to the soil composition. The diverse weather conditions in the region cause the soil around homes to become unstable. The climate significantly varies from extremely dry and hot to almost tropical with extended periods of rain in the spring. The winters are relatively mild and dry, but the summers can bring high temperatures above 100 degrees. The cycles of dry and then wet weather causes the soil bed under a foundation to shift constantly. This contraction and expansion of the soil weakens foundation supports over a period of time necessitating the need for foundation repair

Different soil types are found in Texas, but the most common is clay. All soils have the potential to shrink and swell with changing weather conditions. Extremely expansive soils, like clay, are more likely to cause foundations to shift and move. The changing cycle from wet to dry and back again can cause a foundation to settle and then crack. Trees and tree roots may also play a role in causing the soil under foundations to shrink as they absorb about 150 gallons of water per day, which contributes to the drying out of the soil.

Some Signs That Foundation Repair May Be Needed

There are many signs prevalent in a home that is experiencing a foundation problem. Homeowners should be aware of anything that appears to be unusual such as cracks in the exterior walls, cracks in floor tiles, uneven or sloping floors or doors and windows that do not open or close properly. Any or all of these signs may signal a problem requiring foundation repair. These are serious problems that should not be ignored. If left unaddressed, they will only worsen over time.

The best way to reduce the possibility of major foundation issues is to contact a foundation repair company when the first sign of a possible problem appears. A professional foundation repair contractor will perform a thorough assessment of the property and make recommendations based on the extent of damage. Experienced foundation specialists have the knowledge and expertise needed to evaluate foundation problems.

A home is a big investment that deserves protection. When problems with foundations occur, they can be repaired using two common methods depending on the foundation issues. Slabjacking and piering are both used to repair foundations in Texas. Piering places supports underground to support the concrete. Slabjacking fills the space with grout to place the foundation back to the original position. Trained foundation repair experts meet the challenges presented when foundation problems cause stress and threaten to destroy a home.

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