Cracked Foundation Repair Gone Wrong.

cracked foundation repair, foundation repairA cracked foundation is serious business that requires a professional as soon as possible. Ignoring foundation repair in any area, including San Antonio, only opens up the property to more problems. However, cracked foundation repair can’t just be completed by any company. Questionable contractors could cause even more harm to the home during the repair process. Go over what can go wrong during a repair to understand the signs that you need another contractor.


The Skies Open Up

Although this cracked foundation repair issue isn’t the contractor’s fault, poor weather can definitely create problems. If there’s heavy rain for a day or more, the soil becomes saturated. Projects completed only halfway could be damaged from water and debris flows. If a rainstorm is imminent, the contractor should try to cover the project as much as possible. Losing some of the soil under the foundation could spell trouble for the remaining part of the project.

Improper Installation Spacing

When contractors install bracing or piers; they have a specific configuration to follow. If spacing isn’t exact, a cracked foundation repair becomes more complicated. It may pitch extremely or crack in more areas. Residents can simply visualize the proper spacing to ensure the contractor is following normal regulations. Spacing is commonly between 6 and 8 feet for most shoring projects.

Unbalanced Structural Load

Each foundation repair is unique to its location, soil and damage extent. When the contractor shores up the foundation during the initial repair stages, improper weight distribution could cause more damage. Unbalanced loads with the foundation’s weight in mind are serious mistakes that are normally avoided by experienced workers.

Interior Issues with Cracked Foundation Repair

The home may already have interior problems because of the foundation issues, but they could be compounded during an improper repair process. Doors won’t close at all because the frames are warped, for instance. Windows won’t budge and wall cracks could open up. Although repairs do cause some interior issues, there shouldn’t be major problems. In fact, cracks should look like they’re trying to connect back together as the project reaches its end.

Always ask for references and possible photos of past jobs from the foundation repair professional. Reputable companies are proud of their work, showing it off in portfolios at times. Be wary of any professional that tries to change a subject when it comes to references. Their discount quote won’t be worth the price.

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