House Leveling in San Antonio

House Leveling in San Antonio


House leveling in San Antonio, TX, is very different than other parts of the country. There are no basements in the area because of the geological makeup of the terrain. Houses can date back to the 1800s with very different construction methods. Cement slab foundations have replaced post and beam foundations.  Stabilization should never be confused with house leveling. Stabilizing an embankment may stop dirt and mud from impacting the structure, but it will not level the house. One of the first considerations homeowners need to think about is whether or not the house needs to be leveled. In San Antonio, TX, droughts and floods cause the ground to swell, contract, shift and wash away. Over time, this can cause a foundation to shift.

Are You in Need of House Leveling?

Conduct a home inspection. If there is a crack that runs from the floor to the ceiling, have doors or windows that will not close properly, or see water running towards a wall instead of forming a pool, hiring a house leveling company is necessary. A level can be placed on the floor as well. If the bubble shows the floor is not level, a professional should be called immediately.

This is not a DIY job. Pouring a self-leveling product on the floor will not correct a house’s foundation. Some DIY sites suggest digging a hole, jacking up the foundation with an old car jack and stacking bricks under the slab. This practice is dangerous and will most likely result in damaging or cracking the foundation and damaging the house’s framing. The house’s insurance company will not cover improper work.

A professional company will carefully inspect the foundation, the framing and the house. The homeowner will be informed about the process, materials and cost in detail. All necessary permits will be obtained and the company will warranty the work. The company’s engineers will be familiar with the type of foundation, soil, framing and the house’s condition.

Each house must be evaluated separately. If the slab is cracked or broken, other work may be necessary. If a house still has post and beam construction, it may need special attention to meet current codes. This could include raising the house, pouring a concrete foundation slab, lowering the house and securing it to the foundation.

Prospective homebuyers should ask for an evaluation of San Antonio, TX, over twenty years old. Having any work done could be part of the sale. Most sellers do not have a problem with this.

If problems arise as a result of adverse weather, the cost is generally covered under the homeowner’s insurance plan.

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