Expert Slab Repair in San Antonio

slab repair

Concrete slabs that break or crack may seem beyond repair, but there are techniques that can restore them safely and completely. Residents of San Antonio who have observed defects in the slab foundation of a house have access to professional engineers at the Arredondo Group. The underlying causes of a break in a concrete slab are variable, depending on the type of soil that supports it and many other geologic factors. Slab repair by experts is entirely possible, but it is not a job for amateurs.

The soils that underlie the San Antonio area tend to have a sandy composition that requires a specific type of shoring to provide the solid foundation for slab. The frequency of heavy thunderstorms here tends to make foundation repair more complex than in areas that do not have the same combination of sand and rain.

Concrete is unforgiving in its flexibility, and it can crack or break when it is not fully supported in a reliable and scientific manner. Any shift in the underground soils can result in a crack on the surface or the interior of the slab. Homeowners need to secure the services of engineers who can formulate a solution that solves the problem without making it worse.

The importance of using an Expert Slab Repair company

Slab repair by the Arredondo Group is made possible by a thorough understanding of the native geography and geologic conditions. An onsite inspection of the site provides essential information for the engineers to gain an understanding of the events that resulted in a damaged or cracked concrete slab. Using the latest technology to assess the damage and the underlying conditions, engineers can gather data that provides the basis for designing a suitable repair.

Some types of slab repair in the San Antonio area do not require an extensive amount of time when they are performed by engineers who thoroughly understand the task at hand. The rigorous testing procedures that are used to verify any proposed support system makes reliance on knowledgeable professionals essential. Each home site has a unique set of circumstances beneath the slab, and the accurate evaluation of all conditions leads to the successful design and installation of the required slab repair procedure.

Homeowners need not despair at the first sign of a crack in the foundation of a home. It is disconcerting, for sure, but it is repairable. By choosing the Arredondo Group as the most reliable team available anywhere, a homeowner can have every confidence that the slab can return to a fully functional condition.

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