Finding a good foundation repair company in San Antonio

foundation repair company, san antonioLocating a foundation repair company in San Antonio can be easy. The phone book offers plenty of options, but it can be a big mistake just choosing based on an advertisement. Since the foundation is rarely on display for the home-owner, there are unscrupulous contractors out there willing to point to common problems, like sticking doors and cracks in wall or ceiling plaster, and immediately conclude that the foundation is slipping. It is a safe bet for them. If the foundation is in trouble, they just landed a job. If it is not, then they get to collect on a job that requires a minimum of labor and materials.Other contractors, while not meaning to do harm, may be inexperienced or lack the knowledge of the best tools and up-to-date procedures. They may correctly diagnose the problem and move to fix it with the best of intentions, but they can leave the foundation worse than it already was. This may mean having to get more expensive repairs later. In short, it is wise to use the following tips to find a good foundation repair contractor in San Antonio the first time around.

Tips for finding a good foundation repair company in San Antonio

## If it’s the first time using a contractor, and there are no solid recommendations, it is always a good idea to find a second opinion. A state-licensed engineer is the best bet. These are professionals that will give an honest opinion based on their knowledge.

## Referrals are the typical route for choosing a contractor. If friends or family have had work done, they may be able to provide a lead. Previous experience with trustworthy plumbers, electricians or carpenters will provide another avenue to explore.

## It may be intimidating to contact a foundation repair company and immediately begin asking about their experience and professional training, but this is necessary. A good contractor in the San Antonio area should be happy to allay any concerns and even provide references for past jobs.

## When customers complain about a business, they often turn to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB keeps a database of complaints, along with the status of individual complaints, and it is easy to check this online. Also, a simple internet search may offer customer reviews of the business, but these should not be the only reference.

Searching for foundation repair contractors the first time can be overwhelming. Find a trustworthy team that offers free consultation, and stick with them.

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