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Your foundation might be the most important component of your home when it comes to the building’s structural integrity. If it is not properly maintained and repaired you could have some serious structural problems on your hands which will not just lead to huge foundation home repair bills, but to stress and aggravation as well. It is important to provide your foundation with good protection and good maintenance to prevent these issues and save you money in the long run. Here are some tips that foundation repair companies suggest to their clients.

Have Your Plumbing Inspected

It might sound strange to think about your plumbing in relation to your foundation, but the fact is that plumbing leaks are a major cause of foundation problems. Leaks in your sprinkler system, sewer lines, or really anywhere else can lead to a moisture buildup in the soil around your foundation, which can cause heaving and cracking. If you think there might be a leak somewhere, call a professional right away to assess the situation and repair any problems.

Keep Trees and Roots Away From Your Home

Tree roots can grow to press against your foundation and cause cracking and damage. There are some things you can do to prevent this. The main one is to remove any trees that are close enough for their roots to touch your foundation. The other is to have a root barrier installed on your property. Trees are also a source of moisture in the soil, which, as mentioned in the previous section, can cause serious issues for your foundation.

Make the Grade

To best protect your foundation, make sure that your home is on a good grade. No, you don’t have to make it read from a textbook and then test it on the contents. A grade is the slope of the landscape around your home. It should slope away from the building so that water is directed towards the rest of the property.

Gutters and Downspouts

Most of the water that ends up on your property is from the rain. Your gutter system is what keeps too much water from coming to rest against the building and wreaking havoc on your foundation. It is important to make sure that your gutters are cleaned regularly, and you should check for blockages in your downspouts on a regular basis. You may need to use a plumbing tool to clear out your downspouts. Make sure that your downspout does not simply deposit water directly below your gutters. Install downspout extenders to that water is ejected well away from the home. This will go a long way towards preventing major foundation home repair costs.


Foundation repair companies in San Antonio will tell you that one of the best things you can do is to inspect and monitor your foundation on a regular basis. Check for any cracks or holes, and contact a professional to seal them if necessary. If you are not sure if something is a crack or an issue, then call to have a professional take a look. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Foundation Home Repair

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