foundation repair companies, cracked foundation repairYou’ve bought your first home, and it’s perfectly decorated, painted and maintained. Over the years, you notice that the property appears slightly off level. Doors don’t close and windows fail to seal. It’s time to have that foundation inspected. It’s not unusual for structures to decline in San Antonio because of the changing soil conditions. Before you commit to any repairs, consider some advice from industry pros about foundation repair companies. These reality-based tips can save you headaches and money during the foundation project.




Reputable Foundation Repair Companies Take Soil Very Seriously

San Antonio is known for its clay soils. This dense material works well for building structures across it, but it does expand and contract a lot through the years. Foundation professionals will evaluate your soil before any other task at the property. They need to know if there’s a drought or flooding issue before they can attempt an estimate of the home itself. If your cracked foundation repair professionals aren’t looking at the soil, they may not be experienced enough for the project.

New and Fancy Repairs Don’t Necessarily Last

If a contractor offers you a brand-new way to fix your foundation for an incredibly low price, research that professional and the strategy before any work begins at the site. Although foundation technology is always advancing, that fact doesn’t mean that old-fashioned repair methods are bad or obsolete. In most cases, you’ll want a traditional repair that has endless feedback from satisfied customers. Push and helical piers have been around for decades, and many foundation repair companies swear by these exclusive methods.

Engineers Should Inspect Every Work Site

Another professional tip is in regards to inspections and plan verification. Reputable, cracked foundation repair experts employ or contract with an engineer. These workers look over a home’s current predicament while offering suggestions on its ultimate repairs. Engineers also oversee the repair process so that the contractor is always within strict specifications. It’s not unusual to see foundation contractors without engineers on their payroll, however. Although it’s possible to have a successful project without the engineering professional, most homeowners want the peace of mind that comes with a qualified individual on site.

Experts Share Their Previous Triumphs

Industry pros admit that reputable companies prefer to show off their work. They’ll post pictures on their website along with updating their social media accounts. The work looks spectacular so the photos might be close-up views mixed with panoramic shots of the entire property. Pros caution consumers to be wary of any companies that seem to hide their photos. Undocumented work makes the contractor’s experience a question in consumers’ minds.

A License Doesn’t Equal Qualified Contractors

The state of Texas doesn’t require licenses of its foundation contractors. You may be wary of this situation, but it’s actually good for both consumers and professionals. Being a licensed company gives the impression that the contractor is qualified in every aspect of the industry. This perception isn’t always true, however. When there are no licenses to qualify different contractors, they must work hard for their reputations. They might train their workers on every update in the industry that’s possible. These professionals emerge as experts in their field as they apply their dedication to every project.

Interview a handful of different foundation repair companies so that you can select a thoughtful and intelligent business. When you feel comfortable with the contractor, a cracked foundation repair project should run smoothly. Trust your gut instinct if your questions aren’t being answered or anything about them seems questionable. Every contractor has a varying experience level that may or may not complement your needs.

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