Foundation Repair Companies Offer Watering Tips for Homeowners 

1Homes in dry climates are prone to foundation shifting. Maintaining even soil moisture around the foundation keeps it securely in place. The best way to maintain the proper moisture level is to water the foundation weekly. Foundation repair companies in San Antonio, like Arredondo Group suggest several tips to maintain a secure foundation.

Foundation repair companies suggest:

foundation repair companiesSome foundation repair companies suggest that homeowners keep a five foot moisture barrier around the home’s entire foundation. This will help keep the soil in place and prevent it from shifting out from under the foundation.

Homeowners should be careful to never let their foundation soil dry out completely. Dry soil is the enemy of a secure foundation, and can lead to serious problems.

On the other hand, watering can be overdone. Homeowners should be careful to avoid over watering. When water begins to pool on the surface of the soil, it is time to turn off the water.

Foundation experts, like the Arredondo Group, recommend the following foundation watering schedule in San Antonio and other dry regions. During the winter, water the foundation three times each week for one hour per watering session. In summer, water the foundation four to six times per week. A rule of thumb for foundation watering is to provide the equivalent of one to one and a half inches of rain each week.

Watering the foundation should include the backyard also, say foundation repair companies, as well as the front and sides. The entire foundation should be watered, according to specialists in San Antonio like Arredondo Group.

Foundation watering can be made easier for the homeowner by using a soaker hose one or two feet from the foundation walls, and by attaching a timer to the sprinkler or soaker hose so no one has to remember to turn the water on or off several times a week.

Watering is critical to maintaining a stable foundation, but two other factors should be considered, as well, according to foundation repair companies. Homeowners should make sure they maintain proper grading, and ensure that the air conditioning drain line is three feet or more from the foundation.

In San Antonio and other arid climates, homeowners need to maintain an ongoing watering program to avoid continued shifting, unless the entire house is underpinned.

Understanding the proper frequency and necessary amount of watering and proper grading helps homeowners maintain the stability of their foundation. In arid regions the possibility of a shifting foundation is a fact of life. Using a timer to water the foundation on a regular schedule reduces that risk and the necessity for expensive repairs.


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