Foundation Repair Companies – How to Spot the Best

Foundation Repair Companies



When cracked walls and sloping floors signal potential foundational damage to the home, it is time to contact a reputable repair company. For those who live in the San Antonio area, putting off repairs can lead to further damage and expense. The weather extremes found in Texas will only complicate the problems. The same goes for a sinking foundation. Improper drainage, plumbing leaks, poor soil conditions or inferior materials used in constructing the concrete slab will not correct itself on its own. Structural damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible. 

Finding the best foundation repair company to do the job is essential if homeowners want to avoid future problems. Although there are many companies to pick from, not all Foundation Repair Companies in San Antonio are the same. A home is a major investment, so choosing the right company protects that investment.


Do Foundation Repair Companies Use Licensed Engineers to do the initial evaluation or does the engineer come in at the tail end?

The Arredondo Group recommends that homeowners in San Antonio use professional engineers for leveling or foundation repair rather than professional contractors. Although they are good at what they do, in today’s financial climate, many building contractors prefer to handle only large contract work. Their assessment of the situation will reflect that by inflating what a homeowner needs to correct the damage.

Foundation Repair Companies that use licensed engineers are more likely to provide an honest assessment of the problems, even if homeowners do not choose to go with their company. Plaster flaws, tweaked doors and sticky windows do not always mean foundational damage. A licensed engineer evaluates building safety. They will not attempt to sell more repairs than a homeowner needs. Licensing keeps track of complaints and will not hesitate to revoke that license for unethical practices.

A Company’s Reputation

While many Foundation Repair Companies offer warranties, these guarantees are only useful provided the company remains in business. Homeowners need to be prepared to ask about the length of time a particular company has been in business. Also, look for Better Business Bureau complaints and carefully check out their references. Do not assume that because a company has references they are legitimate, satisfied customers. A company’s reputation and history is one of the most important considerations a homeowner can make.

Is the Company Flexible? 

Most San Antonio area residents live busy lives, so the best Foundation Repair Companies will be willing and able to work around the homeowners schedule. They will pleasantly attempt to find an agreeable and affordable solution to the problem and their manner will make the homeowner feel comfortable.


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