foundation repair companies, cracked foundation repairA difficult item to evaluate in any house is the foundation. It supports your entire property, so it’s understandably covered by construction materials. Because of the visual obstacles, most foundation problems tend to go overlooked. Homeowners should prioritize regular evaluations so that settling or shifting doesn’t become an issue. Learn how foundation repair companies use the power of science to determine the structure’s stability or lack thereof. Your San Antonio home can last for years with frequent, foundation checks.

Exploring the Soil

When a home suffers from a cracked foundation, most people blame poor construction. However, this scenario is a rarity in the construction world. The structure is sound. Look at the soil underneath the home. Most of the problems stem from the soil’s consistency.

Texas is known for its clay soils. They’re prone to expansion and contraction as the moisture levels rise and fall over the years. Foundation repair companies must focus on the soil’s type and possible solutions. Fixing the foundation without addressing the soil doesn’t accomplish any long-term repairs.

Evaluating the Landscaping

You love that huge tree that hugs the side of your house. It provides shade during the summer. However, trees also pull a lot of moisture from the ground. Cracked foundation repair may be necessary if this tree pulls so much moisture from the soil that the ground shifts.

The solution to this scenario is transplanting the tree. It should be located on the perimeter of the property instead of right beside the structure. Your soil will balance out its moisture levels as a result. Professionals can repair the foundation at that point without any stress on the concrete.

Looking Upward with Foundation Repair Companiesfoundation repair companies

There’s a science to property drainage. The gutters along your rooftop provide a pathway for water. They’re designed to keep the water away from your foundation. Repair specialists often look upward when they’re evaluating a structure. If misaligned gutters prevail, water pools near the foundation’s edge. Structural shifting is inevitable. Fixing the gutters and foundation must be a dual project.

Recalling Past Weather Conditions

Cracked foundation repair specialists will also consider the recent weather conditions impacting your house. From bone-dry conditions to outright flooding, weather plays a huge role in the health of your foundation. Specialists may suggest alterations to the property, such as an underground barrier to incoming water. Protecting the property after repairing the foundation must be a priority. Your home would be vulnerable otherwise.

Questioning Construction Techniques

If you have a relatively newer home, cracked foundation repair specialists may evaluate the initial construction. The soil beneath your home might be a vulnerable type, including clay, but construction crews should compact it. Heavy machinery packs the soil down as densely as possible. The foundation is built right above the compacted soil. If the soil isn’t properly compacted, your foundation will suffer the consequences.

Becoming an Amateur Plumber

Don’t be surprised if your foundation experts become amateur plumbers during a property evaluation. Hidden leaks in your household plumbing can seep right into the foundation. The results are cracks and fissures that only widen as the water continues to leak downward. Locating the plumbing leak and fixing the foundation is the only way to curb this problem. Foundation professionals may bring in a plumber at some point for verification purposes too.

The Arredondo Group covers your foundation needs in the San Antonio region. Working with experienced, foundation repair companies reduces the possibility of an expensive repair down the road. Create a regular schedule with the professionals. Your home’s value will soar with professionals guiding your maintenance schedule.

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