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Foundation issues are a common problem many homeowners and property owners throughout the south Texas area face at some point. If you have spotted some of the signs in your property that a foundation issue may be present, you may have already started looking for foundation repair companies in San Antonio to come out to your property and correct the issue. Some of the many signs that your property is in need of foundation repair include sloped floors, cracks in the drywall or exterior of the home, doors and windows that don’t close properly, and more. You can call a repair professional out to your home for an inspection, and the repair professional can confirm your suspicions and provide you with a time and cost estimate to repair your foundation.
Foundation Repair Companies San AntonioThere are different methods that various foundation repair companies in San Antonio will use to fix your property’s foundation, but not all of these methods will provide you with the same results. For instance, stabilization is one option that some local companies will use. Stabilization is a process where repair professionals install anchoring piers to the bottom of your property’s foundation. They serve to stabilize the home into a position, but often the position that is stabilized is its current, tilted position. This is often among the most ineffective of foundation repair methods, and it is advisable to steer clear of repair companies who suggest this repair method as a solution for your home.

Foundation Repair Companies vary in their repair methods

There is a better method of repairing your property’s foundation, which is known as the hydraulically pressed concrete cylinder method. This is a method that features segmented piles that are secured as piers under the home’s foundation. The segments are added in varying lengths to provide ideal results. This method is not just among the most effective methods, but it is also commonly accepted and among the most popular of all foundation repair methods. Further, it is affordable compared to other methods, too. It has been proven by industry experts to outperform other methods available, and so its popularity with homeowners and foundation repair specialists alike is warranted.

Some Foundation Repair Companies offer FREE assessments

 Getting a property’s foundation repaired can be stressful, but making an informed decision about the repair work you choose can help you to maximize the results you get from your repair work.  When getting quotes from foundation repair companies in San Antonio, be sure to consider the methods being used as well as the cost of the repair and reputation of the company.

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