Foundation Repair San Antonio

If a home appears to need Foundation Repair, it needs to always be evaluated by a professional repair company. This is especially true when a potential homeowner in the San Antonio area is considering the purchase of a home that has been involved in a foreclosure. While a fixer-upper or handyman’s special might appear to be a good buy, structural damage is not as easy or cheap to repair as cosmetic problems are. Unlike replacing a kitchen floor or painting the outside of a house, structural problems can end up being far more extensive than anticipated. 

Foundation Repair – Securing A Dependable Company

A reputable company will always give homeowners a solid quote in writing before they commit to the work. Although unforeseen problems sometimes arise, a written guarantee of price protects customers against charges the company might later claim were overlooked. When homeowners do not have a written quote, they have no recourse to contest against any additional Foundation Repair charges the San Antonio contractor might try to add later on. Knowing exactly what repairs are to be done and what those repairs are going to cost is as important as securing a dependable team to do the job.

The Cost Of Foundation Repair Work Varies Depending On The Work Needed

Figuring out the cost for foundation repairs comes with many variables. No two homes will be exactly the same. Repairing a single crack in the concrete foundation will be less costly than hydraulic piering. Some homes might need a porch or sidewalk completely replaced. That requires breaking up the concrete and hauling it away as well as re-pouring a new concrete slab. Additional Foundation Repair factors that affect cost may include a soil report, local building permit and hidden obstacles such as tree roots or extra-deep footings. Costs also depend on how many piers will be needed.

While many factors affect the total price of any project, choosing a professional engineer to access and perform the job will ensure that San Antonio homeowners receive the best solutions for their problem. The Arredondo Group provides homeowners with an honest assessment of what the problems are and what they are going to cost to fix. There are never any hidden costs or fees.

For those who live in the San Antonio area, finding a team of local Foundation Repair engineers that can help homeowners make logical, informed decisions as well as ensure the problem will not occur again can bring peace of mind. Since the home is a major investment, placing that investment in the hands of experts who can help maintain that investment is always a wise move

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