house leveling, foundation repairFoundation problems are no laughing matter. If you have a cracked foundation, the integrity of your entire home is at risk. Not to mention the fact that foundation repair jobs like house leveling can be expensive and inconvenient. In most cases, problems with the foundation have to do with water. Too much or too little water in the soil can put too much pressure, or not enough pressure, on the foundation, causing it to crack. Maintaining the moisture at optimum levels is the most important method to avoid problems. Here’s what you can do to prevent a costly foundation repair.

Maintain Your Gutters

The gutter system of your San Antonio home works to keep moisture from settling next to your foundation. When it rains, water can pool along the outside of your home, saturating the soil. Too much moisture in the soil can cause it to expand, putting pressure on the foundation. Your gutter system should be maintained regularly, and the downspout should be directing water away from your home into your yard. You can also install a rain barrel to collect that extra water from the downspout. This will keep the water away from the foundation and prevent a house leveling repair.

Drainagefoundation repair

No matter what, some water will end up at the base of your home. That’s okay since soil needs moisture. However, you want to make sure that the water drains away from your home to prevent problems. If you have flowers and plants around your home, then slope the beds so that the water runs away from the foundation. Otherwise, when you water them, the water could collect and pool next to your foundation. Ideally, your property slightly slopes to keep water away. If not, consult a foundation contractor for tips on how to create good drainage.

Remove Moisture, But Not Too Much

Removing moisture is good, however, you also want to balance it out so that you don’t remove too much moisture. If the soil gets too dry, and then moist again, then the consistent expanding and contracting can cause your foundation to crack, leading to the need for house leveling. Many people like to use sub-surface drainage to keep moisture away from the home. Unfortunately, sub-surface, also known as French drains, tends to remove too much moisture. These types of drainage systems can be effective but should be installed by professionals to ensure that they are installed correctly.

Watering to Prevent Foundation Repair

When you are going through a very hot period, it is a good idea to water your foundation, much like you water your plants. You may want to install a timed sprinkler system to help with this. A sprinkler can keep the moisture levels in the soil constant so that there isn’t too much expanding and contracting from too high and too low moisture levels. Water is not just for plants.

Drainage Systems

foundation repairIt is vital to maintaining your drainage systems on a regular basis to make sure they are doing the job you need them to do. Inspect everything regularly to get a sense of any issues before they become too big of a problem. Many house leveling repairs can be avoided by being diligent and acting when necessary.

Nobody wants to have problems with their foundation. It is the base of the home and protects the integrity of the building. Follow these tips to prevent a costly and inconvenient foundation repair.

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