Foundation Repair – The Seasons Can Contribute To Problems

Foundation RepairCan the seasons contribute to problems with the foundation of a home? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. To the average homeowner, there may be little to the answer to be considered surprising. During those rainy months in the fall, problems can occur. 

Signs That Foundation Repair Is Needed

This is where the surprising part comes in. Often, it is the summer months that can create the most problems for the foundation of a home. The problems might not be all that apparent at first. Minor cracks in the floor or difficulties closing doors could be easily dismissed as being due to another, less troubling problem. Making assumptions of this nature is not the best strategy. Rather, it would be far wiser to call in a foundation repair service to determine how serious the problem is. In the summer months, it is not out of the question an incredible serious problem could emerge. 

The inherent problem here would be found in the soil. Actually, it would be the water in the soil that is the true culprit.

Once the foundation of a home has been damaged, it will not repair itself. Calling in a qualified professional is required to prevent the problems from becoming worse. A foundation repair service will be able to ascertain the severity of the problem and then take steps to restore the foundation to its pristine condition.

The soil under a home will absorb water. This can cause the soil to expand. When the water dries out, the soil will end up shrinking. So, you could say there is a cause and effect reaction that arises when the seasons change. During the colder and rainier months of the year, the soil will absorb water. As the seasons change into the hot summer months, the temperature will increase. As the temperature arises, the water dries. The soil suffers from a lot of movement and this is what creates the problems with the foundation.

Basically, the house will literally be moving up and down due to all these issues with the soil. A common retort here would be this happens to scores of different houses. Since they do not suffer from damage, why would any foundation repair be necessary? If the home moves up and down into its original position, then there is likely no reason for any extensive repairs. However, if the house does not land into its original position, then the foundation can end up skewed and damaged. 

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