Foundation Repair Needed Prior to Buying a New Home?

Foundation Repair, Cracked Foundation Repair


From bedroom quantities to kitchen amenities, house hunting requires consideration of numerous factors. Buyers want the perfect home; especially, since the investment is substantial. However, being aware of a home’s foundation health is imperative for a good real estate deal. Severe foundation repair can cost thousands of dollars.

Inspect The Concrete

Although most of the foundation is hidden from view, buyers can still look for obvious signs of damage. As buyers walk up to the property, note any large cracks along the outside perimeter. Cracks larger than one-quarter of an inch indicate ground shifting and a need for cracked foundation repair. If there is a visible crawl space, there is not any harm in shining a flashlight or hiring a San Antonio foundation professional to evaluate the posts and footings. Loose or leaning posts typically denote foundation issues.

Be Thorough During Open House

Foundation repair is imminent and obvious as buyers walk through the property, even if there is wall-to-wall carpeting. Open and close the interior doors to get a sense of the balance. If buyers have a hard time moving the doors, the foundation is not level. Another squaring issue may be discovered if buyers have a chance to open the windows. Look behind paintings and wall decorations for any large cracks, similar to the one-quarter-inch cracks possible in the foundation itself. All of these symptoms point to bigger problems that need to be addressed.

Inspectors And Final Checks

The property inspector is the last line of defense against an expensive cracked foundation repair. Allow the inspector to perform the job without any suggestions from the owners or prospective buyers. However, be sure to point out any foundation concerns after the evaluation. The inspector may need to look into the foundation more thoroughly if there is an issue that is hidden below the flooring. Buyers can still back out of a property purchase if the inspector finds major issues.

Foundation Repair Service Possibility

A cracked foundation repair requires a professional evaluation. There are several solutions for almost any problem. Professionals can use underground piering or wall anchors to keep the property stable. However, every property has a unique solution only a professional can solve. The home may need one or more strategies applied to it to truly level the concrete. For example, a simple rain gutter reconfiguration may be all that is needed to keep water from eroding the foundation’s concrete.
For any questions about cracked foundation repair, contact The Arredondo Group today. We are proud to serve San Antonio and surrounding areas. Our expert workers will survey the prospective property to inspect the condition of the foundation before buyers invest in a major purchase.

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