Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Foundation RepairRepairing a foundation in San Antonio can be time consuming, costly and shocking to the homeowner. That this most basic element of the house is found to need extensive repairs often means that it wasn’t built properly, or the ground beneath it wasn’t checked to make sure it didn’t cover a sink hole, or that the soil was so full of organic material or so full of clay that it couldn’t support a foundation in the first place.

The Arredondo Group, who are experts in foundation repair in San Antonio, understand the homeowner’s distress and will remedy their problem with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, as well as unparalleled workmanship. They can tackle any foundation repair job, no matter how small or how big.

The Importance of Using a good Foundation Repair Company

The homeowner should know that these San Antonio foundation repair specialists are fully licensed and insured and have all the necessary permits to work on their home. Their parts and labor are guaranteed and any contract they develop with the homeowner will be in writing. It will be meticulous in detailing the work and providing the Arredondo Group’s contact numbers and address. The contract will also have the warranty, an arbitration clause and a clause that absolves the homeowner of mechanical liens. Provisions will also be made for the inevitable unforeseen situations, including cost overruns.

The Arredondo Group will also advise their customer on every phase of the repair work and will be able to let the customer know, in plain words, what’s being repaired, how it’s being repaired and when the contractor believes the problem will be remedied. The customer should be able to reach the contractor any time of day or night in case of emergencies.

After the initial shock of learning that their foundation needed to be repaired and the disruption of the time it took to repair it, the homeowner will finally have the peace of mind of knowing that their foundation can now support their home for generations to come.

We will be happy to provide you with an inspection and estimate for your foundation repair, and all the information you need on San Antonio Foundation Repair, so call us at 210-645-6811