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When you are looking for a contractor to help with your foundation, you need someone you can trust. If your foundation isn’t fixed properly,cracked foundation repair, house leveling or it experiences further issues beyond the original problem, then it can lead to massive damage throughout the building and massive repair bills. Foundation repair San Antonio TX needs to be done right. Here are some questions you can ask when you are looking at prospective San Antonio foundation repair companies. 

Does the Foundation Repair San Antonio TX Company Have Insurance?

Do foundation repair companies need insurance if you already have general home insurance? Yes, they do. If your contractor causes damage or injuries, someone, you could be held liable. Make sure that you choose a company that is fully insured in case anything goes wrong. 

What are the Timeframes for the Repair Job?

Some foundation repair companies keep small staffs to stay within budget. However, if they only hire 2 or 3 people, then it will take longer for them to do the job. Ideally, there is a big enough crew to get the job done quickly, which will lessen your stress and save you money. 

Do They Have Online Reviews and Ratings?

Your foundation repair San Antonio TX company should be able to tell you what their Better Business Bureau rating is. There may be an issue or two listed, but if they are hiding it, then that is a red flag. You want a company that has a track record of providing the best possible service for their clients, and a good BBB rating along with solid online reviews can give you peace of mind. 

What Type of Soil is on the Property?

Foundation repair companies need to be able to identify the type of soil that you have on your property so that they can use the most appropriate method for fixing your foundation. There is no standard repair for every issue. What type of soil there is will determine the strategy that the contractor will use to repair the foundation. They must be able to tell you what kind of soil you have, and how that will affect the way they attack the problem. 

How Long Have You Been in Business?

The length of time a company has been in business isn’t the determining factor as to whether they are reliable and reputable, but it does tell you something. A company that’s been at it for many years has no doubt gained the trust of many clients in all that time. Not only that, but they are more likely to have experienced more issues so they can handle what might surprise a newer contractor. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge. 

Will You Clean Up When You Are Finished?

All too many foundation repair companies do not do a good job of cleaning up after themselves. The landscaping is left in a mess, and the rest of your property could be left dirty or even damaged. Some companies will charge a fee for cleanup, but you should look for a contractor that values leaving a property in better condition than when they started. Fixing a foundation often means taking out shrubbery or irrigation lines, and you want everything as close to normal as possible. 

Do not simply choose the first contractor you come across for your foundation repair San Antonio TX. Ask these questions so you can find the best possible contractor to help your home get back on solid ground.


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