Foundation Repair and Soil Saturation: Common Issues to Look Out For

foundation repairsWhen your San Antonio home was first built, the contractors compressed the ground so that it was stable enough to support a foundation and structure. Most homes stand for decades with few issues plaguing the concrete pad. However, spring rains can quickly create problems at the soil level. Uncover the truth about foundation repair and its link to soil saturation by looking out for these property issues.

Misguided Rooftop Gutters

Structures and landscapes have intricate design to move water away from the property. Architects and contractors know that standing water and saturated conditions will erode a foundation. Your rooftop gutters must funnel rain away from the home so that wet conditions don’t prevail at the foundation’s edge. Downspouts that force water into a puddle around the home will create cracks and shifts within the concrete. With time, your home will need a house leveling project that can be costly. Adjust the gutters on a regular basis, and watch where the water flows during the next rain. Every drop of water needs to travel out to the street.

Wild Irrigation Controlfoundation repair

The Texas heat can take a toll on your landscape so most property owners have an irrigation system for their plants. Be aware of your system’s efficacy. Sprinklers that water pathways and structural walls instead of the lawn will contribute to saturated soil conditions. As each watering session activates, you’re actually contributing to foundation decline. Adjust the sprinklers as necessary, and replace any worn sections. Well-maintained sprinkler systems water the ground with normal moisture volumes that don’t harm the foundation over time.

Sewage Leaks in the Yard

Unseen water can quickly saturate your yard, which can create a house leveling issue. Pay careful attention to your water bill. If the amount seems higher than normal, your plumbing or sewage system may have a leak. A mysterious puddle on your lawn can also be an indicator that a leak is present. Any water being forced into the soil may not be able to evaporate or flow away from the structure.

Landscaping Alterations

Installation of a pool or adding a new tree to the yard are popular choices for local residents. Altering the landscape can increase your property’s value over time when it’s completed in a safe manner. To avoid costly house foundation repair, be aware of water flows through your landscape. Any alterations to the ground must be coupled with drainage pathways to the street. Plant trees far from the foundation so that water doesn’t accumulate at the roots where the home’s edges reside. Ideally, you want any water to flow around and away from the home as it nourishes your lawn or other plants.

When to Call a Foundation Repair Specialist

Because your foundation is largely hidden from view, you’ll need to look for clues that indicate a problem. Cracks on interior walls, doors that won’t close and other unusual issues may point to a foundation leveling problem. In severe cases, the house may look like it’s crooked if you gaze at it from an exterior angle. Don’t put off any repairs either. Time will only create more problems as the saturated soil shifts under the home while the concrete responds with its own movement.

House leveling is a process that takes extensive experience and training for a successful outcome. Thoroughly research your San Antonio foundation repair specialists before hiring them for any tasks. Once you find a strong company, work with them on a consistent basis in order to protect your property. The foundation is one of the most essential items to any structure’s longevity.

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