Foundation Repair in San Antonio

Foundation problems, such as settling and shifting can be triggered by constructing a building on growing or shrinking earth, inadequately compressed groundwork, or from unsuitable or inaccurate preservation of the soil around the groundwork. Whatever the cause of a settling foundation, it can spoil a building’s worth and make it hazardous or unlivable.

The heat of a hot San Antonio, Texas, sun can do a lot of damage to, even the foundation and structure. Luckily, there is a foundation repair company that can bring structural reliability to office block and housing foundations, restoring, split and cracked foundations for all commercial, municipal, and residential buildings.

In Need Of Foundation Repair? The Reality of What a Poor Foundation Can Do to A Home

For the inside of the house, things like sloped floors are a considerable problem. Sticking windows and doors are also both problems having to do with foundation problems. Cracks in drywall or ceilings can ruin the appearance of a beautiful house. Any gaps around doors and windows can let air in and out and become extremely expensive to an electric bill.

Bad foundation can also affect the exterior of the home. Cracks in the brick mortar of stair steps can be extremely dangerous as well as expensive to repair. Failed waterproofing can lead to water damage and rotten wood. Chimneys that are tilting or leaning are hazards. They are also expensive to repair. If water pools around the foundation it can only lead to leakage in the home, and lots of property damage that no one wants to fix. Even in the garage there can be separation cracks in between the floor and the walls. Floors out here can slope as well as walls rotating outward.

Keep in mind that some damage is decidedly “cosmetic” in that it does not affect the load-bearing capacity of the foundation. Some instances of this could include cracks in flooring, fissures in Sheetrock, and many other issues. An experienced foundation expert should be able to help you determine if you will need foundation repair. 

What Can Be Done About Foundation Problems?

Are you dealing with settling foundations, cracking drywall, bowed basement walls, sagging floor joists or are building on unsuitable foundation soils? There is a foundation repair company in San Antonio to help you with your needs.

For commercial property holders, general contractors and engineers or homeowners, the Arredondo Group is the perfect foundation repair company in San Antonio to solve your needs for foundation problems. Contact us immediately!


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