As you can imagine, we get plenty of questions from our clients and the general public on foundation repair, San Antonio foundation problems, foundation repair cost and foundation repair companies.

To answer these questions for everyone we have hand picked the most frequently asked questions and will now answer them in our newsletter series.  Due to the amount of questions we want to answer, this series will include multiple segments.

“Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1”

  1. How do I know if I have foundation problems?Call us to schedule a free engineer assessment if your home shows signs of possible foundation problemssuch as misaligned doors/windows that don’t close/open properly, obviouslysloping of floors, cracks in the interior walls,gaps between floorboards and wall or ceiling and walls, cracks in motor brick or tile.
  2. Do you do free estimates? Yes.  We will provide a free estimate to homeowners suspicious of foundation problems.  Call us at 210.645.6811 to schedule a free appointment.
  3. How long does the assessment take? This process usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.  The engineer will need access to the inside of the home/structure to take floor service elevations from inside the house to determine the condition/stability of the foundation.  If the foundation is out of level, the engineer will determine the number and placement of piers needed.
  4. Is there a warranty? Yes, we provide a lifetime transferable warranty for our hydraulically pressed concrete piers and 1 year transferable warranty on poured concrete piers.
  5. Are you licensed and bonded? Yes.  The company is licensed and bonded.  Our engineers are professionally licensed to practice structural, civil and mechanical engineer through the Texas Board Of Professional Engineers.  We helped develop and follow The American Society Of Civil Engineers guidelines for foundation repair

We invite your questions and comments to all of our posted information and do hope this can help you complete your “due diligence” concerning your home.

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