Is the thought of actually addressing a real foundation repair on your home got you nervous?  I bet the possible hefty foundation repair cost makes you not want to address the issue at all.   Maybe you just want to know if you have a REAL foundation problem to begin with?

Let’s dispel the myths and get down to the truth with Part 2 of our “Frequently Asked Questions” series!   If you missed part 1 click here –>“Frequently Asked Questions”


“Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2″

How much does it cost to repair my foundation? The foundation repair cost is largely dependent on the type and extent of the damage.  Construction methods/materials  and soil conditions  are different for every building and therefore the repair must be properly engineered/customized to do the job.  Generally speaking, the average costs for average size home will run:

  • Underpinning of a house will run about $3,500 – $5,000 per corner.
  • Moderate foundation damage, partial underpinning $8,000 – $12,000
  • Extensive foundation damage, full underpinning $20,000 – $30,000

2.  How many piers will I need? Every house is different.  Our engineers determine the number and placement of piers needed based on a  structural assessment of your foundation and floor surface elevations.  Many things affect the foundation repair design including existing weight bearing soil capacity, drainage, foundation condition/deviation, building structural design and construction.

3.  Does homeowner insurance cover the cost of these repairs? If the foundation problem is the result of a plumbing leak, coverage may be available.

4.  Can’t I just sell the house as is? Mortgage company’s will not loan on houses/buildings  in structural disrepair.   Investors used to buy “fixer upper”  for pennies on the dollar, but  with all the “REPOS” on the market, it is not likely the house would sell without repair.

5.  Do you provide financing? We have some financing solutions that will help make your repairs get done on time and allow you to sleep soundly. Most San Antonio foundation repair companies do not offer financing.

We welcome your questions and comments to all of our posted information and do hope this can help you complete your “due diligence” concerning foundation repair.

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