Want helpful Tips about Foundation Repair in San Antonio?

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 Professional Foundation Repair and House Leveling From Licensed Engineers.Get in touch with us and get our REPORT on the “How To Avoid The 5 Ways Homeowners Are Being Mislead” emailed to you immediately.This will save you thousands of your hard earned dollars from being wasted on unnecessary repairs and best of all foundation repair info is FREE!!!!!!

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[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Why Choose Arredondo Group?”][toggle title=”5 Costly Reasons To Repair Your Foundation NOW:” open=”true” icon=”folder-open”]* Possible costly plumbing leaks * Expensive roof repairs * Lower resale value * Embarrassing cracks * Security issues[/toggle][toggle title=”Our Philosophy” open=”false” icon=”folder-open”]”Solving Engineering Problems with Engineering Solutions” The Arredondo Group and our Engineers are registered with the State of Texas Board of Professional Engineers. We provide you with knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible solution for your foundation repairs. Even if you do not select the Arredondo Group  to perform repairs on your foundation, we recommend calling a Professional Engineer before a foundation contractor. The contractors job, is to SELL you something even if you don’t need it. Trust the experience of the registered professional engineers at Arredondo Group Engineers & Constructors to provide you with an honest assessment for repairing the foundation of your home BEFORE YOU COMMIT.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Buyers Beware” open=”false” icon=”folder-open”] BUYER BEWARE IF:

  1. Your contractor hesitates to give you references
  2. Asks for payment be made directly to him/her personally instead of a company
  3. Requests full payment up front
  4. Solicits
  5. Offers a discount if you give him additional clients
  6. Doesn’t offer you an estimate in writing
  7. Isn’t listed anywhere online or the phone book
  8. Only has a cell phone for a primary business number
  9. Needs a commitment “today”
  10. The company representative bashes the validity of “In-House Engineers”

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