Home Improvements Leading to Cracked Foundation Repair

cracked foundation repair, foundation contractorsMost homeowners are pleased with their properties, which leads them to only fix and update minor elements. Painting the house or replacing the carpeting is commonplace. Major home improvements over the years, however, can lead to foundation problems. You may not know that there’s an issue until the foundation dramatically shifts. Learn how some home improvement projects can lead to the need for cracked foundation repair. You want to catch any problems of this type early in their development.

Large Tree Removal

Removal of a large tree from your yard can have significant effects on the surrounding landscape and nearby structure. As professionals pull the trunk and roots from the ground, a void develops. This space must be filled in with soil so that the nearby foundation doesn’t buckle from the created space. Another issue is moisture because the tree pulls a lot of water from the ground. It’s possible that water might pool in the filled area, which leads to structural issues that may require cracked foundation repair.

Inappropriate Home Addition

Your San Antonio home may be going through some renovations because of a growing family. With the proper engineering, your foundation shouldn’t be affected by the extra weight of an addition. In certain situations, such as unlicensed work, the new load may not be evenly distributed across the concrete pad. Although the structure is strong when the addition is completed, house foundation repair might be necessary in years to come as cracks and shifting become the norm at the property. Ideally, extra weight added to the structure must be tied in properly to the foundation’s original design.

Altering Landscape Drainage

The drainage off of your property is an important component to foundation stability. Altering the drainage for a new landscape or rooftop gutter system can lead to problems if the water doesn’t move in the proper directions. Foundation contractors might find puddling near the structure, which ultimately undermines the soil under the concrete pad. As you alter any landscaping detail, test the drainage out with a garden hose. Fix any puddling that you see so that future rains won’t contribute to a damaged foundation.

Cracked Foundation Repair and Load-Bearing Wall Alterations

Renovation of a home’s interior might start with removing a wall. Allowing more light into a room is a common choice among homeowners. Removing the wrong wall, such as load-bearing type, means that you’ve distributed the structure’s weight in a different direction. Foundation contractors might tell you that the weight is now redistributed to one particular corner. The structure above might be compromised and you’ll find that foundation cracks are possible too. Always hire a structural expert for any interior renovations.

Adding an Exterior Deck

A deck to extend your living space is a valuable addition to any home, but its construction must be designed by professionals. As workers excavate the land beside the foundation, small soil sections might break off from below the concrete. The professionals must be careful about keeping the soil densely packed under the foundation as the deck’s design is incorporated into the land. Leaving any voids under the foundation can lead to cracking and buckling. The deck itself shouldn’t be supported by the foundation either. It must have its own beams so that any weight distribution extends into the ground and not into the foundation bolted to its edges.

Most contractors focus on a certain region, such as San Antonio, because every area has unique soil content and weather climate that impacts cracked foundation repair methods. If you need reputable foundation contractors, hire experts who specialize in your specific region. They’ll be able to evaluate and fix the foundation providing years of solid life ahead of the structure.

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