House Foundation Repair

House Foundation Repair/Foundation Repair Companies Several factors can affect the value and resale value of the home. Many homeowners will go to great lengths to increase these values through multiple types of renovations. However, an important aspect of the home that may easily be neglected is the foundation. The home in need of foundation repair can actually decrease the value whether the intent is to sell or not. In addition, foundation damage can cause other problems to the home. This is why it is so important to contact professionals if house foundation repair is needed. 

Types of Damages

There are many types of house foundation repair issues that should warrant calls to local foundation repair companies. Most commonly these involve either major or minor cracks. These cracks can be caused by multiple problems including extreme weather and even water damage. Another common source of damage that may result in the need for foundation repairs are tree roots that have overgrown. Although some homeowners believe that they can correct these problems without help, they should think twice.

Benefits of Calling Professionals

Foundation repair companies specialize in correcting these problems and can do it the right way the first time. Often times the homeowner may start the project only to realize that they cannot fix the problem or the problem was much bigger than they had initially thought.  Either way, calling a professional from the get go can save a lot of time, money and hassle for the homeowner. Technicians are experienced and trained to deal specifically with home foundation repairs.

Choosing a Company For Your House Foundation Repair

As with any other type of company, house foundation repair companies can differ significantly in terms of costs and quality. Therefore it is equally important to choose the right provider. Experience, costs and ability to complete the job properly in a timely fashion are all important things to take into account. These professionals may also be able to provide insight into why the problem occurred, which can be crucial, especially if it is something that will cause damage again if not remedied.

Other Important Considerations

House foundation repair is not something that the homeowner should take lightly nor attempt to turn into one of those do-it-yourself projects. While something as seemingly simple as cracks in the foundation may seem like a minor issue of cosmetic nature, this is not necessarily so. The foundation of the home is designed for support and stabilization. Therefore, foundation repair companies are essential in correcting these problems.

Additionally, as part of normal home maintenance, it is a good idea to have your sewer lines tested for leaks at least once a year.  You may think you will see an increase in your water bill if you have a leak but this is not true because the sewer lines are not metered in any way. There could be leaks under the ground that have potential to cause foundation movement.  To test this, call a licensed plumber to do a static test on the sewer.  Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the cost to access the leak but not to repair it.  If your house shifts due to a sewer leak, typically the policy will exclude foundation damage unless you have a special endorsement.  It is best to check with your agent to see what the options are.

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