house foundation repair

House foundation repair options for the endurance of your home

Most homes are built with a concrete slab set over compacted soil. This foundation is the base for every structural component. The concrete allows all of this heavy weight to be distributed across a wide area. Over time, however, the foundation can shift. Slab repairs are often necessary in order to preserve the home’s stability. Discover how house foundation repair in San Antonio options can help a home endure for many years to come.

Filling Shallow Cracks

Some house foundation repair options are relatively simple because the damage is superficial. A crack in the foundation might be caused by some soil settling. Contractors in San Antonio can fill the crack and suggest some landscape alterations. Leveling the landscape to drain water away from the home might prevent further cracks from occurring. Saturated soil under the foundation can cause those growing slab cracks.

Wall Anchoring

Slab repairs can also involve wall anchors. Contractors add steel rods to the foundation’s edges, and pin them back horizontally into the soil. These anchors essentially hold the foundation in place with pure pressure. For the most effective installation, anchors are often installed at equal distances from each other around the home’s perimeter. Every home is unique, however, so some installations might differ from a complete anchor system around the house.

Push and Helical Piers

Piering is the process of placing several rods underneath the foundation and attaching them for stability purposes. Push piers are the most common for mild to moderate foundation shifting. Contractors might use helical piers for more severe cases. The helical shapes attached to the rods actually grab onto the soil for better stability. Contractors determine the number of piers for the foundation when they estimate the project.

Crawlspace Options

If a home has a crawlspace, the structure isn’t flush against the concrete slab. Contractors must use specialized rods that anchor the structure’s underside to the ground. These foundation repairs must be perfectly designed for the best stability results. The foundation can continue to crack without proper rod calculations. Experienced workers in San Antonio know how to calculate the rod quantities during the project’s estimation period.

A house foundation repair project requires a team that has experience in the San Antonio area. Ask for several quotes from local contractors before settling on a project. Every contractor has a slightly different perspective of a particular job. With the right tools and skills, slab repairs can be completed in little time.

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