Get a Professional to Determine the Best House Foundation Repair Techniques

The house foundation repair techniques we use in the greater San Antonio, TX area and Southwestern United States depend on many different factors, just as the reason for foundation failure is most likely a result of many interdependent factors, including:

  • Building on clay that shrinks according to temperature and moisture levels
  • Inadequate foundational maintenance
  • Building on soils that are weak, compressive, or improperly compacted
  • Environmental factors, including yearly precipitation levels and how much, if any, organic material is in the soil


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House foundation repair techniques can be complicated, and the decision to use one over another is usually the result of carefully weighing the positive and negative aspects of each technique. It is necessary that a trained professional makes these choices, and this is why so many people attend a formal schooling to learn foundation repair techniques. This is also the essence of why we formed the Arredondo Group. We understand better than anyone that your foundation needs a trained eye and hand to be able to properly consider all of the foundation repair techniques available.

House foundation repair techniques often overlap with each other. In many cases, a problem can be solved with foundation piering or pressure grouting, but often one choice is slightly better than the other. That is why an intimate knowledge of soils, structures, equipment, and all available foundation repair techniques is required of a foundation repair contractor.

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