house leveling, cracked foundation repairThere may be nothing scarier to a homeowner than realizing that your home may need house leveling. The first thought probably goes to how much money it will cost, and the next thought will probably go to how inconvenient it will be. However, it does not have to cost you a mint. If your home has a foundation that incorporates a pier and beam design, then you might be able to have a cracked foundation repair for a lower cost than you expected. No matter what, it is important to address any foundation problems quickly. It is never a bad idea to understand the process as well as possible. Here is a quick guide to house leveling.

House Leveling Basics

The sad truth is that every foundation will fail if given enough time. However, some foundations fail sooner than others, and there could be any number of reasons for this. Most often it is because of soil or moisture issues. If you have foundation problems, a good foundation repair company will not just perform cracked foundation repair, but they will also tell you what caused the problem in the first place. This will help ensure that your home is always on a level plane and will prevent future problems.

Why is it Important for Your Foundation to be Level?

Your foundation supports the entire weight of your home. Houses have a lot of weight, so if the foundation is not solid, you could have serious problems, especially with a two-story home. A bad foundation can lead to your home starting to sink or sag. The damage can include cracked walls and ceilings, uneven floors, and warped windows and doors. The repair costs can pile up quickly if you wait too long for cracked foundation repair.

Is Your House in Need of Leveling?house leveling

If you inspect your home, you may notice some telltale signs. There are many, and if you identify any of these, then you should contact a house leveling professional as soon as possible. If you notice cracks in your walls of any size, then you may have a problem. Homes with foundation issues may also have cracks in chimneys or exterior walls. You may also notice that your doors and windows stick or fail to close properly. You may also notice gaps in your floor or interior walls. Another sign is sloped or sagging floors.

How Does it Work?

With pier and beam foundations, it is usually easier to access the problem spots, so cracked foundation repair can be a bit less costly. Either the professional will install new piers over a new concrete slab, or they will reinforce the foundation with lumber and girders.

With slab foundations, especially in San Antonio, the soil can go through long periods of dryness, which can affect your foundation. To repair them, a professional will install new piers, which can be helical, drilled bell, or concrete piers. These piers are put in place to push the house back to a level plane and hopefully prevent further damage.

There is no doubt that foundation problems can be overwhelming and a bit frightening for any homeowner. Luckily, as opposed to creating an entirely new foundation, it is possible to repair in many cases. If you have noticed any of the telltale signs mentioned above, call a foundation professional right away to see about having house leveling done as quickly as possible.

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