House Leveling and 5 Doubts You Should Clarify


houseleveling, foundation repair costsA stable foundation reflects soundly on the structure it supports, from agile hinges to perfectly square corners. When a foundation begins to shift, homeowners will notice significant changes within the structure. It may be necessary to level the home, but the concept is unfamiliar to most homeowners. As a solution, examine these doubts about house leveling that should be clarified before hiring a San Antonio professional. Owners may be surprised that these doubts are normally unfounded.


House Leveling is Expensive

Foundation repair costs are often the first concern that homeowners have as they learn about a shifting, concrete pad. However, contractors alleviate that doubt when they estimate a project. If the shifting is caught early on, leveling projects can be affordable with a short repair time. Piers, pilings and other methods can be used in order to stop further settling issues. Homeowners should contact several contractors to get a house leveling estimate. Comparing quotes only helps those doubts disappear. Fixing the structure as early as possible will save money in the end.

One Project Fixes the Doors and Windows

A common symptom of a shifting foundation is door and window problems. Over time, they’ll simply fail to swing open or close with ease. Contractors should clarify with homeowners that fixing the foundation won’t automatically repair those components. Workers will still need to adjust frames, hinges and other parts after the foundation issues are addressed. In some cases, foundation repair contractors will add these minor repairs to the quote so that every detail is covered. Homeowners simply need to read through the contract in order to verify the entire project’s scope.

More Cracks Will Occur

Cracks along the foundation and across interior walls are common as the concrete below moves. Homeowners might be concerned about more cracks developing as the repairs are completed. It’s true that some cracks might develop during the physical leveling process, but they’ll be the last of the damages. As the structure rises and settles into place, minute damages can result. Contractors repair any cracks along with adding in these provisions as part of foundation repair costs. With quality foundation leveling completed, the home should look as if it’s never had a shifting issue.

Property Devaluation is Possible

There are doubts that often revolve around property value after a leveling project. Because the home required leveling, homeowners have the perception that devaluation is possible. In fact, any incurred foundation repair costs actually help the property’s value. Contractors offer a certificate of completion along with warranty coverage. If the home is ever sold, this paperwork can be used as proof that the structure is solid. Homeowners should choose contractors who’re experienced in their field in order to benefit from any guarantees.

Landscaping Will be Damaged

It’s true that leveling a home is a major project that will require many people on a property with various tools. A doubt that should be clarified involves the landscaping. Contractors will do their best to preserve any gardens on the property. Plants that are close to the foundation’s edge, however, may need to be transplanted. The contractors can discuss these concerns with the homeowners before any work begins. Moving plants or pulling up sod might be a temporary answer if a leveling project is severe enough to require some excavation.

Read over the house leveling contract before the experts begin any work. Every step to the project should be written out in full descriptions along with material and labor costs. With a clear picture of the foundation repair costs, San Antonio homeowners can complete a project with few doubts in their minds.

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