House Leveling2House Leveling Considerations in San Antonio

Foundation problems can plague homes anywhere in the country, especially in San Antonio, Texas. The historic statewide drought of 2011 caused many homes to develop foundation problems as the ground under the home contracted from a lack of moisture. The end of the drought did not fix the damaged foundation, though some of the symptoms may have eased. Extremes in rainfall is just one cause of foundation problems. A professional house leveling service in San Antonio, like The Arredondo Group, can repair the foundation no matter the cause.

Signs that House Leveling may be needed

Foundations support the home, but if the ground the house is built upon is unstable, the foundation may settle. This is evidenced by cracks in the foundation, but there are also other indications that the foundation is not completely level. Windows or doors that stick or do not close due to a loss of alignment may indicate a problem. So can floors that slope in a single direction. Some homeowners may note a home is not level when installing flooring and using a level on the floor. The level in a home with a foundation problem will show an uneven floor. Any of these signs should prompt a call to The Arredondo Group for an evaluation to see if the home needs house leveling.

Foundation cracks are more than cosmetic problems, they attest to the lack of proper support the foundation is giving to the home. Left unchecked, foundation problems may lead to plumbing issues from pipes underground being moved, roof problems as one part of the house settles lower than another, a reduction in home value, and safety issues with the home. The cost of foundation repair is little compared to the damage done to a home with an uneven foundation.

Crack and leak repairs in the outer walls of a home do not address foundation problems. These solutions only mask the more pressing issue of a foundation that needs to be fixed. Rather than choosing the cheaper option of having cracks filled in, homeowners should invest in house leveling by a professional, local San Antonio company like The Arredondo Group. They have a team of experts in the field of foundation repairs to level the home and guarantee that the foundation remains relatively level. The same cannot be said of temporary measures like filling in cracks or leaks.

Homeowners with foundation problems should know the company in San Antonio to trust their home with: The Arredondo Group.

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