House Leveling in San Antonio

House LevelingThe soil in San Antonio, Tx, can damage a house’s foundation. Expansion and contraction with the seasons, droughts and floods can shift the soil. This can cause a foundation to heave or sink. Indications that house leveling services are needed include:

• Objects rolling across the floor after being set down in place.
• Doors opening or closing with difficulty
• Windows not closing or opening properly
• Gaps between windows and the sills after being closed
• Cracks in the ceiling or walls
• A level set on the floor shows an uneven surface
• Water does not pool; it flows to one side of the house
• Cracks in the outside walls

The Arredondo Group has expert engineers and construction crews that can correctly assess and repair your home’s foundation.

Many online and newspaper ads offer house leveling in San Antonio, Tx. Not all of the companies listed in the ads act in the homeowner’s best interest. Some may try to sell you something that may or may not fix the house’s foundation.

House Leveling Methods

The house leveling method chosen depends on different factors. These include:

• The type of foundation
• The type of soil
• The amount of damage to the house and foundation
• Whether the foundation has cracked or heaved

Arredondo’s construction experts and engineers have the skill, training, license and equipment to assess the specific needs of your home. No house is too small or large to be leveled. They also level detached garages.

Jacks, posts and footings or other methods may be used. The repair is not temporary; the foundation will remain leveled for decades to come. Arredondo guarantees and warranties their work.

The engineers will sit down with you and explain the specific problem or problems with your house’s foundation. They will also explain the best method to repair it. If there are options, they will be explained in detail so you can make the best decision for you and your home.

Is house leveling covered by your insurance policy?

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of house leveling in San Antonio, Tx. It is important to read and understand your policy. The insurance company may decide to send their own engineer to assess your foundation. Arredondo’s engineers and construction experts will work with your insurance company to provide you and your home with the best solution.

The Arredondo Group’s staff is happy to help you by answering any questions you may have. No matter how old or new your house is, our staff can schedule an assessment visit for your foundation. It is a good idea to have an older house’s foundation assessed before purchase.

Hiring a company from out of town or out of state makes no sense. They are not familiar with the different soils or weather in San Antonio, Tx. When it comes to your home’s foundation, hire a company familiar with the types of houses, foundations and more.


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