House Leveling Needed to Repair Foundation Issues?

house leveling, foundation contractorsWhen a homeowner moves into their property, the feeling of permanency is almost tangible. Especially when buyers purchase in San Antonio, a home is often accompanied by views and significant acreage. Whether the home is 10 or 50 years old, it can still have foundation issues requiring a house leveling procedure. A number of different factors contribute to a failed foundation.

Tree Roots and House Leveling

A gorgeous tree from last century shades a property beautifully, but it’s the underground portion residents need to examine. Tree roots simply follow water, but that moisture could be hidden under the home from misaligned rain gutters or water accumulation. These roots absorb the soil water under the home, causing the ground to crack from its brittle consistency. Root removal and leveling are necessary by foundation contractors in this case.

Clay Soil Concerns

In contrast, wet soil under a home that cannot evaporate or run off becomes another issue for foundation contractors. This soil expands and contracts with the weather because the water warms and cools along with the temperatures. Foundations slowly crack and settle improperly, causing constant shifting over time. Leveling professionals must evaluate each property for the right solution to make the home steady for another generation of use.

Hidden Plumbing Woes

Homeowners baffled by a high water bill may want to look into a video plumbing evaluation. There could be a slow leak under the home, contributing to high water bills and shifting foundations. The constant water flow under the foundation makes the ground muddy and unstable. Foundations naturally settle with the ground’s movement, requiring leveling before significant damage occurs. Both foundation and plumbing professionals must look over the home to verify the right repair strategy.

Foundation Failing

House leveling could be necessary because of basic failures, such as broken footings or piers. This failure may be more subtle than others, making it difficult to see around the home. Look for cracks moving across walls, ceilings or floors. Doors and windows could be difficult to open or close. Talk with professionals if there’s any issues that don’t clear up. A failed foundation continues to deteriorate unless a fix is implemented.

Only qualified foundation contractors can truly estimate a safe house leveling project. If homeowners suspect a foundation shift, it’s best to contact professionals immediately. A small shift is easier to repair than major settling, saving residents significant money.

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