House Leveling Problems In San Antonio

House Leveling


All houses rest on some kind of foundation. Most foundations are made from continuous poured concrete or masonry block. If the soils under the foundation were not compacted correctly, or if the foundation was not designed properly for the weight of the house, the ground may settle and house leveling may be needed to restore it to its original condition. Many houses in San Antonio have this problem. 

Some Signs That Tell When House Leveling is Needed

Some signs that a foundation is settling are obvious. Floors that slope noticeable and large cracks in concrete slabs, or the foundation itself, are two indications that are hard to miss. In these cases, the need for house leveling is apparent to an untrained eye. Other signs of house settlement can be harder to diagnose.

Sticky doors, and cabinets that do not open and close like they used to, are problems that can have other causes besides foundation settlement. Due to the low humidity in San Antonio, wooden doors and cabinets can dry out in summer and then swell when it rains causing these kinds of problems. A trained foundation specialist can determine whether the problem is foundation settlement or a simple moisture problem.

Some of the other signs of potential foundation problems are moldings that have separated from the wall, a space between the top of the wall and the ceiling and kitchen and bath tiles that develop cracks. All of these problems can have more than one cause. If they are occurring due to foundation settlement, there are a number of ways that house leveling can be done to correct the problem.

First, the house must be returned to level with the use of jacks. The exact method that is needed to do this will depend on the type of construction of the home. After the house has been leveled with jacks, additional concrete can be poured next to, or under, the existing foundation so that the problem will not happen again. Finally, repairs to walls, cabinets, windows, doors and other components of the house are done returning your San Antonio home to its original condition and protecting your investment.

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