House Leveling San Antonio

Owning a house is exciting and rewarding, but it does not go without some challenges. Constant up keep and repair is a normal aspect of owning a house, and some of these repairs can be extensive and costly. There are some ways to ensure that money is spent wisely. The best way to save money is to immediately correct issues and repairs that arise. Immediate attention will save you money in the long run. One issue that many homes will face at one point is settling. All houses will settle, but some settling can result in sinking. There are certain indications that your house is sinking.

  • Windows or doors sticking making it difficult to open them
  • House leaning toward one direction
  • Cracks in foundation that are becoming increasingly worse

Experts in House Leveling San Antonio suggest stopping the sinking

House Leveling San AntonioThere are ways to stop the sinking before major repairs are needed. You could call a contractor, evaluate the house, and get an estimate, or you could try to stop the sinking yourself. The main focus is to stop the sinking before major restoration is needed. House leveling is a process of returning the home to its original location. The first step is to prevent anymore sinking from occurring. There are various methods of accomplishing this:

  • Concrete piles can be used to solidify the foundation to the home. The foundation will lay on the concrete piles offering a secure platform, but there will be little shifting of the home back towards its original place.
  • Screw piers or helical piers are also used to stop further sinking of certain areas of your home like porches, decks, or garages. Screw piers should not be used to stabilize the actual home because they were not manufactured to secure heavy structures.
  • Push piers or mini piles are another method of securing your home’s foundation and lifting it to its original location. The push piers are hydraulic, and can be shifted upward to lift the home.

Whether you decide to do the work yourself or consult a professional be sure to do the research. Taking the appropriate measure to prevent further sinking of your home and repositioning the home to its original place is no easy task. Appropriate steps should be taken to ensure safety and security of the structure of your home, so take the time to research your options. If you’re unsure call a professional engineer from the Arredondo Group for house leveling San Antonio and surrounding areas

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