If You Require House Leveling

House Leveling in San AntonioIf you require house leveling, San Antonio experts can help. Ensuring a solid foundation is one of the most essential components of construction. Over time, homes often sink in certain areas due to the composition of the ground. Excessive rain and inadequate drainage are just two issues that cause foundations to sink. House leveling is the process of restoring the foundation, and there are several things to consider. Often, masonry is used for foundations, and homeowners may see mortar missing from joints. This is one sign that there are deeper problems, and contractors will replace missing mortar as part of a leveling job. In addition, repointing block foundations is a project that should be done regularly as a part of routine maintenance.

Termite Damage May Require House Leveling 

Termites are notorious for their voracious appetites, and they cause millions of dollars in property damage each year. The pests usually make their homes in the ground and feed on rotting or damp wood. When a termite colony makes its home near a foundation, they can easily destroy many of the structural components. Most colonies have millions of insects that feast on wood. After an infestation is eliminated, it is essential to restore the foundation’s original level. Sometimes new lumber needs to be installed, and professional firms provide this service. Because the home may need to be jacked up before the new material is installed, the job is one for experienced professionals.

Erosion and Regular Wear

The foundation of San Antonio homes is subject to erosion and regular wear from the heavy rains that hit the area. Ideally, water should be channeled far away from the structure, but there are times when this is not done. Running water takes dirt, stone and other essential elements of a foundation with it. Over several years, the house may actually sink a few inches in one area. When this happens, a professional house leveling firm is needed.

Making the most of a home’s value requires regular care, and when you need house leveling, San Antonio contractors are available. Because the area is warm, many homes are built without basements. There is a foundation that extends several feet into the ground, and it has a tendency to erode over time. Termite infestations also affect a foundation’s structural components. Because the home needs to be restored to its original level, it is essential to hire a professional contractor to make the necessary corrections. Often, masonry has to be repointed, and the home may need to be jacked in order for a proper repair job.


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