How a Cracked Foundation Can Affect Other Parts of Your Home

cracked foundation

A cracked foundation can occur almost anywhere across the slab of your home. Residents might see it along the home’s exterior edges or it could be hidden under the flooring itself. In fact, slab damage can be found in almost any city, including San Antonio. Homeowners should be aware that this foundation damage can affect other parts of the home in significant ways.

Cracked Walls and Ceilings

The most obvious damage residents will notice inside the home is cracked walls and ceilings. As the foundation shifts, all of the weight on top of it must move as well. Drywall can only flex in small degrees, so it will eventually crack where it’s installed on walls and ceilings. Although homeowners can patch these areas with caulk and paint, the cracks will return as the foundation continues to shift.

Plumbing Problems

Residents might think they only need a slab foundation repair, but the plumbing could be affected also. Many pipes are close or even embedded within the foundation. If the concrete shifts severely, plumbing pipes can rupture and leak. These leaking pipes only contribute to further cracked foundation damages because the water becomes a lubricant among the gaps. In fact, residents may not even realize they have a plumbing leak until they receive an expensive water bill at month end.

Cracked Foundation and Window Closure

Some residents may wonder why it’s so difficult to open and close their windows, but an uneven concrete slab is often the reason. As the foundation shifts, the walls lose their plumb position. Only slab foundation repair can allow the windows to open and close normally again. Replacing or fixing the windows exclusively won’t resolve the situation.

Uneven Flooring

The home’s ground floor is usually affected by foundation cracks, but they may not be obvious. If residents have thick carpeting, for example, the covering may hide the uneven surface. However, hardwood, tile or laminate flooring will often display the uneven look very quickly. Residents who notice this damage must fix the foundation as soon as possible.

In most cases, slab foundation repair costs will rise in price when homeowners don’t act quickly. When residents see or notice any unusual foundation shifting, it’s time to contact a professional. They can estimate the repairs as quickly as possible. Fixing these minor problems in a swift manner will leave the residents with the lowest repair costs possible to maintain a structurally sound home.

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