foundation problems

How do you know you have foundation problems

A home’s foundation is one of the most important components of the building envelope. The foundation is normally a thick concrete slab that supports all of the structure’s weight by distributing it evenly across the surface. Because the foundation is largely hidden from view, it’s often difficult to know when a problem arises. Look over some of the common signs that indicate a growing foundation problem in San Antonio.

Cracked Slab

The most obvious cause for concern is an actual crack in the concrete slab. Homeowners might notice this damage on the outside of the home along the foundation’s edge. Alternately, a flooring installation might give the owners a new view of the concrete. As the old flooring is pulled from the slab, the entire top surface is visible. Before workers lay any new flooring, house leveling professionals should survey any possible damage.

Misaligned Windows and Doors

When residents move throughout the home, the doors should open and close with ease. This scenario is also true of the windows. Foundation problems are visible when the doors and windows start to stick in place. In fact, they may slowly lose their easy motion in the frames. The cause of the uneven doors and windows is a shifting foundation which can be very common in the San Antonio area. A level condition is no longer true in the home so every item connected to the structure will be misaligned, including the walls.

Wall Damage

As residents walk through their home they might notice a telltale crack forming at the ceiling and moving down the wall. This crack is often a sign of foundation problems. Cracks will slowly stretch in both vertical and horizontal patterns based on the structure’s movement. Patching these cracks will not solve the main issue in the San Antonio area. You should have a house leveling professional evaluate your home as soon as possible.

Excess Spacing Between Walls, Floor and Ceiling

A subtle foundation issue is growing space between the wall, floor and ceiling connections. Most homes have some spacing in these areas for natural expansion and contraction movement. Spaces growing past 1-inch wide, however, should be examined.

When homeowners believe foundation problems are occurring, contacting a professional is the best first step. House leveling contractors can examine the building and devise a repair plan that will suite you budget. Starting the foundation repair sooner than later will result in a more reasonable cost for the repair.

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